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Originally Posted by Baslakor View Post
Not an expert myself, but maybe you find my vision on this useful.

The Trle community has evolved a lot in the last dozen years. Some builders have years of experience and provide quality far surpassing the original TR games. As a result, levels like Forbidden Jungle, that would once get quite high scores, now score mediocre in comparison. This of course is not your fault. Experience comes with time and practise!

This means that you shouldn't take a 'bad' review too personal. However, do read them and do learn from them! Always be open to feedback. Some reviewers might be hard, but doesn't mean there's no truth in it. Take it as motivation to be better, decide what is just personal opinion, what really needs improvement and what you will ever change anyway, because it's just your style!
Regardless of the more critical reviews, they are all truthful. The texturing and lighting could have had more variation, although the main weak point was the gameplay. When I start running out of ideas, I start rushing things. Very bad idea. All 3 of my levels could have been much better if I didn't do that. Regardless, all 3 of my levels have scored higher that a 6 so far so that I can't complain about.

Like you said, some reviews can seem harsh, but as long as they are truthful about their opinions, then that's all that matters. Not to mention, I feel that I prefer building in the classic style (with a few NG features) simply because I feel it is easier to build a classic style level than a fully NG level.

EDIT:I definitely do not see 7.54 as a mediocre score either so that is something to be proud of.

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