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Default Your First Custom Level [played/built/released]

I'm interested in hearing how people were introduced to the level editing community, the first level you played, the first level you built (whether or not you published it and it wasn't the Playable Tutorial Level), and the first level you released.

The first custom level I played was Lara at the Movies. I had such an awesome time playing it back in 2008, and it introduced me to how much the community had already accomplished since the release of the original editor.

The first level I ever built (that I remember) was a small oasis-like level combining Coastal and Cleopatra textures. Here's a room I had screenshotted back in 2008.

Due to various reasons I have not gotten a level of mine released yet. That may change sometime in the future, though I am not working on a level as of now.

So what about you all?
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The first level I played was I think this one, just after some months I realised that this was made by fans with an editor itself, having also a site with maaany of them
And after some years, I did this crap
I was 13 when I did this, I did almost everything at november, and I was going to release it for AK, then it came out badly
Now I'm 15 and I'm doing better levels now

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The first time I ever heard about TRLE and wanted to use it was in 2006 I believe.

I think the very first custom level I played after that, or at least the very first one I found truly incredible, was Tibetan Winter by MrXY. I found it incredibly lovely, beautiful and fun to play. I think it actually shaped my lebel building priorities as I also think levels should be fun, pretty and simple.

The first level I ever made was just a room with Temple of Karnak textures. Back then I didn't know the grid is actually Lara size, so I built a small room only to realise it was actually 18x10 size.

Then the next project I made was a temple inspired by Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets. There was no gameplay inside, just rooms. I remember I was thinking about finding out how to make it multiplayer lol. Now I could.

After that I had many projects that never went further than idea+few rooms. All of them cancelled as they were too ambicious for me at that time. One of them was interesting and I still think about it. It was going to be a Tomb of Ancients alike tomb, hidden somewhere in Antarctica, partially submerged in water.

Then, finally, after years of work, I released Forgotten Remnants. It took me two years to make it, and even then after that I updated it twice.
The very first, initial version that I started was still before NG_Center, so it was pretty awful tbh. Working on this project greatly improved my skills though I think.

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This was my first level, played around 2012 (and damn, I loved it - I was stuck in it which made me register on TRF ) -> http://www.trle.net/sc/levelfeatures.php?lid=1997

this was my first level built

I remember wanting to add a cutscene at the end of this, while the second level were some ugly tr1 caves with a t-rex at the end LOL. I don't think I've made much after that.

then the first level I released was this, in 2014:

It was cancelled so I published what we had done.

Anyways, after this, I started building my current project, TRA2.
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I found out about the TRLE through stella's tomb raider site, looking for some walkthroughs (around 2004 I think), and then I don't remember exactly how but I ended up in tro-online.com and there was this random custom level that appears on the homepage: Beyond of Gobi. That was my first custom level ever played and I really liked it

My first project with TRLE was a (horrible) multilevel set that goes from Scotland, to Atlantis, then a Coastal Ruins level, and a Metro level. I didn't really like building in TR4 engine, so there weren't many projects that I felt satisfied with.

Then a second awakening came to me, when I checked some other pages and got to aspidetr.com, I saw Going To New Venice and noticed that it was a TR2 level. How could it be?? You can build with TR2?? I have to get that editor! and that's how I got my hands on the unofficial level editor

Since then I had many projects. I tryed to submit one once but gmail kept bouncing it back and I felt frustrated it was with The Hidden Dagger that I felt "this one is ready to see the light", so I created my Lara's Levelbase account and submited my first release
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I remember the first level built back in 2001 very clearly, literally the very first thing I did with the editor. Here's a reconstruction:

Yup, this piece of crap. I was just trying to figure out the editor controls, no idea how to do triggers, AI or even connect rooms

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Originally Posted by SrDanielPonces View Post
then the first level I released was this, in 2014:

It was cancelled so I published what we had done.
Working on it was tons of fun tbh.
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I knew about TRLE around the time it was released (with Chronicles), because I had a Prima strategy guide that mentioned the level editor. I was a PS1 player. It wasn't until about 2005 that I found out how to download the program (thanks TRChronicles.com) and began experimenting.

I was obsessed with the creations on TRSearch and spent a lot of time building wads.. making tiny projects with 3-4 rooms.. I did release 2 levels in 2006 that are pretty unremarkable, but I'm proud of finishing them. Scottish Mysteries and Search for the Scroll: Rome. TRLE.net is down right now for me, or else I'd link them.

Anymore, I find the editor is too frustrating to work with. I have no desire to continue any serious projects. The ideas I have in my head are too complicated and time consuming for how the editor works, and I lack a lot of the skills needed to create a quality project.

I'm very glad I've had the editor in my life though, and it's amazing that Core released it to us fans. <3
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I found out about the Level Editor when I bought TR Chronicles when it was just released in 2000, and read the back of the DVD case. I didn't even fully understand what I was reading. "Level Editor? Wait... what?!"
I really had no idea it was included with TRC, not having internet back then.

Played TRC and started working on the tutorial level right after that.
Plenty of ideas I had before starting on the tutorial were scrapped simply because they weren't possible.
I first started remaking the main area of the TR1 level The Cistern, including two siderooms and the flipmap that floods the room, using textures from the title and the wad that includes the Lara-Double object and Mechanical Beetle.
I used both of those in this little level. It was very good practice.
This is the only level that has never been released and I have lost the prj since. (Darn rewritable CD's...)

The first level I worked on after that was Catacombs Revisited.
But in the end it was the fourth level I released.
I remember wanting to make the central tall room like a cave using the red rock textures from Tomb of Seth. But when I started working on making it look organic, I lost my patience and decided to go for a man-made structure instead. It went through quite a few changes before I released it, hence it being the fourth.

My first release was Return to Egypt.
I had learned to be patient enough for natural looking environments by then.
I remember being nervous as hell.

The next few releases were following quite fast, not because I was building at such a fast rate, but because I had been building them since nearly 3 years.
I had discovered TRWest and and early version of STRPix so I just swapped and retextured some objects before I released them, but that was basically it.

Things went slower after that, adding more and more customized stuff to my levels and coming up with longer stories for them.

As for playing levels, the first one was Amsterdam by pytr or something (trle.net is down for me as well, so I'll check this later), when I stumbled onto either this site or trle.net.
Took me ages to find either site again, but chronicles won!
trl online was the first to host my levels.
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I found out about the editor after stumbling upon one of my all time favorite TRLE's 'Neon God' on YouTube. It was so good, I thought it was an actual TR game, so I did some research and and found myself an hour later downloading TRLE.

My first level was a Lara's Home level, but after many crashes, rebuilding, and retexturing, I eventually just gave up on it. (I do plan on making that level come back to life eventually.) I haven't released anything yet but i'm hoping in the near future, and after buying a better computer, I can build something that "I" like and find the confidence in myself to release. Lately I've been on the editor building small maps or projects. Right now i'm working on a small puzzle solving level, hopefully I can show some of that soon after putting in some time working on it, but I know i'm probably not going to release that one either due to it having textures and objects from another level and im needing to contact the level builder so they are aware that i'm using their stuff. If anything I'll show what I've done on YouTube idk.
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