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I personnaly don't really remember what is exactly the first level I have played but I remember seen in Tomb raider Online (french site) various sequels of tr4 like Lara's Return by Hokolo and The Rescue by Magplus. It was certainly one of these two games because I was curious to discovered what happened to Lara after TR4.

The first level I have building is my "english Countryside" but I have only send it for test in a french forum.
I lost the prj and the finished project later. I remember it was a french builder (Amberlight) who has found a copy of my game in her computer and send it to me . I was so so happy . And I release it 2 years after my very first release "For a Handful of Red Sand".

The first level I have release is "For a Handful of Red Sand" for btb2011.
Now after many levels released I found the gameplay not really good with a lot of pushables and hard timeruns . Except maybe for the bonus aera.
But in 2011 it was very fun to create a martian level with the steampunk package.
It was a great surprise when I discovered I was 2nd in the competition .
So I try to not repeat the same things of btb2011.
I'm not really a prolific builder and certainly not one of the best but I try to do my best for my future projects .
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Surprisingly my first attempt at the editor was completed and released during what feels like almost 10 years ago. It all came about because I loaded up a random texture set for Vilcabamba and went on my way!


I was feeling down and decided to pick up the hobby again last year and discovered my patience is not nearly as good as it used to be, as the editor was driving me nuts on my new computer and all the new features with scripting and whatnot were very complicated for me to learn. I ended up finding the PRJ files for this level and tinkering with them to relearn the basics of the editor, and as lame as it is, I re-released the level with updates and a few new areas...mostly to feel better about spending months on basically nothing substantial!

I'm hoping with the release of Tomb Editor I can FINALLY make a new level up to my standards and not be some one hit wonder

I miss that feeling of "YES, this is all coming together", that I never was able to recapture with any later efforts.
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I don't remember exactly what was the first custom level I played. Guess that was the Skribblerz Stones series, I remember I liked levels The Loch, Over the Rainbow and some other I don't remember.
A years ago I tried to make something myself. First tried the DxTre3D, because my machine was that old that even could not run TR4-TR5. Later I tried the official TRLE but with NGLE editor already. My first screens are these:

This was the very first location where the story was supposed to begin. I tried to give Lara a new head but didn't succeded much because of weird joints behavior which I didn't know how to fix.

This is the same location where I did some light and texture tests. Basically all these screenshots were merely tests, however later the story became stronger.

This hall was the next location connected with first one. I decided to concentrate on textures and geometry first. Used big textures, but still could not decide how this hall should look like.

It turned first to this

And then to this.

After passing a few corridors and through the roof you could get to the yard. Awful clipping, black distant fog and a limited draw distance were a true joy-killers

Behind the house is a river with dangerous bridge the player was supposed to pass.

Well, now I know the reason of failures in the past project. There was no good manual in Russian and I was not good in English. So all my building process was the time-consuming trials and errors. Later I felt more free with English and even translated all the manual myself
I still keep the project files along with its textures and wad. If I ever continue working on it then it will be the 2-nd part of Time of Shadows - my current project. ToS is a prologue to adventures, it is connected with story. Still, 3 detailed levels + cutscenes in ToS make it pretty large and ambitious.

I also tried to participate at 20x20x20 competition. The project is freezed until 1-st part of ToS is out. Some screenshots you might already seen:

This air cutter is supposed to replace the enemy_jeep in train-type level.

I have only one released level for now, the BtB2014 - Fire Path

Phew, the post is longer than I thought
Time of Shadows: 80% done. Check it's page on FB.
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"Klaustrohole". A 40m deep 2x2-sector pool in the middle of default room.
No lighting, no water surface, all placeholder cleopal wall stone textures.
The gameplay was to dive to the bottom and resurface without drowning.
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Tomb Raider
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I can't remember the first custom level I ever played -- but I would imagine it was around 2006 or so, and probably one of the more celebrated levels from that era...

Having said that, I do recall being interested in TRLE as early as like, 2001 or 2002 -- me being literally 6 or 7 years old at the time, mind -- but my limited knowledge of English back then, coupled with the fact that the set-up process for playin' used to be pretty hands-on with .tom files and whatnot, meant I never quite understood how to get any of the games running.

In fact, I rather think I conflated TRLE games with ones made using DXtre3D -- because I remember drooling at The Vagrant's stuff in particular.

As my endeavors with the editor itself go, there're (unfortunately) a few threads from my nascent days on this forum where I (unfortunately) was being an unabashed attention whore, although I did try really hard to make a (few) cool Lara's Home-type level(s) or whatever. I think more than having issues with, like, not getting a handle on the editor -- I was mad at y'all for not praisin' the **** out of me.

I don't care to look these projects up, but I guess if y'all want to, then go ahead.

Even before then, however, I do remember I got a very simple "Lara In The Box"-type level running back when I got TRC (again, this was in 2001 or 2002, without reading the manual, because English ) with triggers for teeth spikes and everything -- but I've rather improved since then, wouldn't you know...

I play around with the editor occasionally, still -- see above, I just recently got to grips with decent lighting -- but I don't really plan on releasing anything. Not yet, anyway.
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Originally Posted by A_De View Post
WoW zeppelin ?

Originally Posted by A_De View Post
SWTOR mount ?
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It's fun to read these first time TRLE experiences. Keep them coming, guys!

I first learned of the TRLE through the Planet Lara forums, sometime in the mid 2000s. The level editing community there was always much smaller than it is here, but there was a handful of builders who were quite active. The first project I ever saw was from a builder by the name of "anthonyshock," and I was absolutely captivated by his work and the prospect of brand new, user-made Tomb Raider games. I was really young, like 11 or so, and my imagination just went rampant, y'know? Once I realized I could create my own games, I had so many ideas for projects and stories and locations - and it was all so much bigger than anything the TRLE could manage at the time, but none of that mattered. And really there were no solid details, just vague concepts. It was all junk really, but gosh do I miss that kind of...imaginatory bliss.

And for the record - thinking back on it, anthonyshock's project was quite amateurish and not all that impressive. But at such a young age and having just discovered TRLE, it was nothing short of revolutionary.

Another amateur-but-mindblowing project I followed on Planet Lara was The Trail of the Unknown, which actually had some demos released on TRLE.net! I stumbled upon them completely by accident; wouldn't have remember the project otherwise.

A project of much better quality that was quite hyped was Tomb Raider Legacy. It was meant to be an episodic title, but only the first chapter was released. It has some noticeable flaws, but the story line to this day has much more depth than the average custom level. It was featured on the front page of Planet Lara when it came out, which was the first and only time a TRLE project made front page news there. Kind of cool and my retroactive kudos to the Lady Croft Team.

And of course I remember benjamin_2010's levels, as he also shared them on Planet Lara! I wonder if you remember any of these same projects I mentioned, Ben? We were quite the tight-nit group of builders back then.

As for the first custom level I first played, I really can't remember. I do remember massive headaches induced by the TR Level Manager. Someone please tell me I'm not the only one! From my perspective now, it's not all that complicated. But for an impatient 12 year old who had no idea how TRLE games worked, it was nearly impossible. I can remember playing Neon God early on (which was way too hard for me because I seriously sucked at TR then) as well as the Sanctuary of Souls demo (also too hard).

As for my first project, I guess I'll get to that later. I'm trying to see if I can dig up any old files!
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Nerd Brain
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The first custom level I played was "20 Years of Memories" by MBog. Obviously, it is a level on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Tomb Raider.

The level starts with a camera cruise showing the Croft Manor. It seems like Lara decided to move her pool to another room.

Starting from the Croft Manor you can reach areas which represent all Tomb Raider-games from 1 to Rise of the Tomb Raider. When you enter these, Lara's appearance changes so she looks like in the original games and the according main theme begins to play.

In all areas you have to find a item called "Memory". When you got all 11 memories, you have to put them on little pedestals, which opens the final door allowing you to leave the level.

Here are a few more screenshots

Lara fighting raptors in the TR1 area

The TR4 section

Picking up the memory in AoD

Using a zip-line in Rise of the Tomb Raider

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Please resize those images.
The max size allowed on the forum is 1024x768 pixels.
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I discovered trle and the first level I downloaded and played (I don't know why) was Candy Mountain by Agnes. Finished it and played lot of levels since then. The curiosity behind creating these levels and how to made me start building. So I built a very ugly level based in london with Lara wearing a opera dress (outfit that I always loved )

So I made other levels and released them all at once.

"Lara's Home In Africa" - self explanatory


"Lara's Nightmare 1 - Egypt" - I was planning to do a series in this one, the plot was a cursed artifact that Lara discovered, it was capable of putting her in nightmares that were actually real, and the first one was set in Egypt.


"The Pyramid of Fire" - After going back of a opera set in Egypt, Lara discovers a pyramid in the middle of nowhere and decide to go in to explore it.


"Egypt Catacombs" - A sequel to the Pyramid of Fire where Lara explored the catacombs beneath the first level.


So, these levels are very short and full of bugs. After them, I started to improve a little bit in each level I released. Today it's very strange for me to look at my progress through all of the projects I released since 2007.
"Isn't that what it's all about? Why we dig up the past? To understand it."
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