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Originally Posted by frodrigues View Post
I personally don't even consider Chronicles as cannon. It was just Core Design having to put this quick thing together and using a bunch of references from previous games to create some sort of fan service in the process. Obviously, imo, that was a terrible decision for the lore, since reusing those characters came at the cost of opening holes and creating confusion over stablished happenings that didn't need any sort of expansion whatsoever.

That's why I don't ever bother trying to understand where it fits into the timeline, I don't think the developers worried about that at the time. In the end, I just see Chronicles as some sort of cute homage that has no place among the other games
You're kinda right but i still love this game so much.The moment i started this game is very special for me. It was a big surprise and it was one of my happiest day in life and i still keep that copy as a good memory.So it may be because of my good memories about this game that prevents me from criticizing it so much.
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I like to view Chronicles as a set of innacurate stories from her friends. Details have been forgotten or embellished, hence some inaccuracies.
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