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I'm honestly a bit disappointed after playing it again. This time I carefully looked at everything and they definitely still had to cut back some stuff for the DE ( downgrade edition ) Other than what I've already pointed out, a lot of the rain effects were scaled down or even missing completely, I especially noticed this during the scene after the helicopter crashed with Lara and Roth. Then I noticed that Sam has one side of her jacket zipper completely missing.. like how the hell did they miss that?! Lol! I do agree that her face looks a lot better now, but some of the emotions seems really off in cutscenes. Just watch the scene where Lara tells Sam not to get on the helicopter, it looks really freaky.. I hate that last gen and the next gen have these differences that make it hard to really enjoy one over the other.
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Originally Posted by IncultaWolf View Post
6) TRESSFX 2.0 issues: Gravity defying hair during the 'upside down' section at the beginning and freezing hair when aiming. (PS4 only)

^ Brian Horton from Crystal Dynamics said they did this because Lara's Hair would move like crazy while aiming, but unfortunately doing so broke the upside down sequences.
actually, both the ps4 & xbox one have the problem with the freezing hair when aiming and both have hair not following gravity when hanging upside down, is't only in the first upside down section where the hair is moving correctly on the xbox one, later in the game in the other 2 or 3 hanging upside down sections, the hair is not moving on the xb1 just as on ps4, what i believe is that they limited the TressFX 2.0 across the board on consoles but forgot to touch the first upside down section on xb1 as that is the only section on the xb1 version that is not in line with the ps4
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The DE is fine, tbh.
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Originally Posted by Daring Do View Post
I was never fond of Lara's DE face. In some screenshots it looked alright but most of them time...nah, it just looked off.
I didn't like it either. Compared to the standard edition and ROTTR models she looked so lifeless and lacked character. Her eyes in particular were pretty bad. The new shape made her look Asian at times and the mesh for the eyeballs looked like they were sunken in a bit too much into the eye socket. It was particularly noticable during the radio tower cutscene.
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