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Auto game is a great word for it. I like that. Certainly they aren't planning another commando style clumsy Lara for the next game. But I'll definately scope YouTube before I buy it. I was shocked by how limited Lara's controls were and how forced the story was.

The next game should start you out with most of your gear. Give us much more controls for Lara's movements. Limit the variations of guns. And let us figure out the path based on trial and error. We don't need to be collecting hides. We should be trying to figure out the path to the artifact not how to kill things and where to find salvage crates.

I would have thought with PS4 they could make massive mazes and amazingly long intricate tombs. I cannot think of one instance in the game where we found a clue that aided our journey. Every note was about some story about a prophet. But none of them have a clue about how to solve a puzzle. Because there were no real puzzles or mazes. we are playing a bow and arrow commando game instead with very limited controls

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