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I am not sure what in the actual **** is even happening in the OP pictures. Woah
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Its basically the Baba Yaga DLC that Square introduced to us to see how we want Supernaturals to be, Fake with Illusions or would Fans rather have Actual Supernaturals. What do you want to see in SOTTR, a Real Dinosaur with Spooky Wolves or a Robot Dinosaur with Regular Wolves that makes it look like Lara is going Mental from the Poison Flowers in the surrounding area

Its like the Cold Darkness Awakened DLC where People have been infected with a Serum so they act like Zombies, is that how SOTTR should be where Trinity finds People and Animals that transform them into vicious creatures that makes us believe they are Supernaturals.

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Oh please, classic supernatural. It's not really that fun when the mystery turns out to just a myth.
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I loved the approach Baba Yaga gave to supernatural elements, so I am pretty much into it. However, I am more intrigued to see other elements as the ones we have already seen but with a darker twist. Reality can be pretty surprising with the right direction.
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Closing so that a new thread with a poll can be made .
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