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Parisian Backstreets - This looks like a safe area... Stealth killing the policeman after getting the key.

Derelict Apartment Block - Attempting to explore every room before running out of air, getting arrested.

Margot Carvier's Apartment - Getting arrested

Industrial Roof Tops - Falling through the window while sliding down the roof.

Parisian Ghetto - Janice, getting lost...

The Serpent Rouge - The music, climbing up the lights.

St. Aicard's Graveyard - Navigating the ledges at the top entrance, killing the dogs.

Bouchard's Hideout - Getting shot by Bouchard.

Louvre Storm Drains - Seeing the camo outfit for the first time, searching for all the valves/items and blowing up the top entrance and dying a lot trying to reach it.

Louvre Galleries - LASERS!

Galleries Under Siege - The cutscene at the end

Tomb of Ancients - The climb down.

Hall of Seasons+sublevels - Climbing to the top, with all the moving platforms and zombie things chasing you around. The climb just before you reach the top is in my opinion the best part of AoD. And Brother obscura is also amazing

The Archaeological Dig - The entrance to the tomb puzzle.

Von Croy's Apartment - Getting destroyed by the cleaner

The Monstrum Crimescene - Vasiley's hidden room.

The Strahov Fortress - Getting lost, getting fried, getting flattened.

The Bio-Research Facility - If I had a coconut for every time some lunatic said something like that.

Aquatic Research Area - The fish

The Sanitarium - Young me getting creeped out by the patients, the game deciding I played enough and refusing to let me progress.

Maximum Containment Area - NOT the boss. Actually I think the whole level is kinda forgettable.

The Vault of Trophies - Drowning (A lot), figuring out the statue puzzle.

Boaz Returns - The second stage of the boss.

Eckhardt's Lab - Plunging shards into Eckhardt.

The Lost Domain - The jump everyone seems to love

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Did you just say "most memorable places" and then proceed to list nearly every damn level? Haha

Anyways The Hall of Seasons and the sublevels was pretty good, albeit hard IIRC. The most tomb-y part of the game, I loved it

Le Serpent Rouge was memorable just for that iconic music
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I'm lazy so I'll just list one.

One of the most memorable moments for me in this game was the cool as hell laser sequence in The Louvre Galleries that makes you feel like a super spy! (Even though the controls could have been a bit better for it).

Every time I play it, it reminds me of the film Entrapment with Catherine Zeta Jones for some reason. (And no, not because of her bum!)

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For some reason, the loading screen of the Sanitarium creeps me out a lot, but my most memorable moment is not knowing about the dialogue options in the first time of playing, and getting killed by Bouchard if you chose wrong. My dad and I got annoyed and thought we forgot to do something
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Some moments I found interesting, thus they were memorable:

In first few levels: I like when Lara raids abandoned apartments, and urban locations in general. I always wanted to do some urban exploring. Seriously if this game had an old abandoned shopping mall it would have been perfect. There are still so many tasty morsels of neglect: the night club, apartments, old metro station. The whole ghetto feels isolated and lost in time.
The Louvre: The lasers and Mona lisa room. I always spend at least 15 minutes looking at the paintings
Under the Louvre: I love Neptune's hall, it's radiant blue colors and angelic architecture. Swimming is so satisfying in AOD aswell. The moment when the zodic signs start lifting of the floor and you have to platform over and go up majestic circular balcony and spiral staircases.
Prague: Luxurious, pristine antique shop/library to raid on a snowy dark night. Just perfect.
Strahov: The Bio Dome is so ****ing amazing.
End Game: I like platforming around in Eckhardt's lab. Very moody atmosphere. What kind of experiments did he perform and what people did he torture on that rack?

Speaking of the Lost Domain, I think that loacation had so much potential, it's such a shame it's made of 3 rooms.
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Parisian Ghetto: I'm a sucker for games with interactive pedestrians, such as Windmill Island from Zelda's Windwaker. I really liked the concept of different paths formed by different conversations

Lourve Galleries: This was the most fun level in terms of combat, all the gunplay was refreshing after all the talking in the Parision Ghetto. The stealth-ness was really cool to, it felt like a spy movie

Hall of seasons: Basically reminded me of what Tomb Raider is actually about

St. Aicards Graveyard: I really enjoyed all the climbing, and jumping around. It was like playing "The floor is lava" when you stayed on the roof the whole time while avoiding the dogs. Also the score was lovely.

The sanitarium: It used to scare the constipation out of me, lets just leave it at that.

The strahov fortress: This level was epic, the music was awesome, it felt exactly like the tomb raider films.
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