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Yeah, you might as well post something written in Chinese and we'll believe you too

There is a project for decompilation of Tomb Raider 5, it seems to be going well. Would you be interested in joining or sharing information?
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Originally Posted by Arsunt View Post
I have not yet decompiled TR1 deeply, but for TR2 I have quite a lot of progress. All the significant 1253 functions are named in accordance with the original code (I'll tell you later how I managed to get the original list of function names). Also most of the structures, variables and enumerations are defined, and a lot of functions are completely decompiled.
Whole decompiled stuff will become public when it is ready. ...
YESS That's the kind of map I meant, I expect the function names will be similar in TR-I ( except for the boat functions) So please continue this important work and I will wait for when you are ready! (Please tell us then also how you manged this feat!)

@Dustie Yes we may have strayed a little too technical, but the message is that even if there is nothing from the original code, slowly the information about the engine code ( including the names used by the developers) is being uncovered.

(edit Sept 30th) What I received seems to be a HOAX: of course the need of a password was a strong indication, but since there were a lot of intriguing info on the code for TR-5, I was still hoping I had something. But now I am quasi certain that all this info comes from the TR-5 decompiling project and there is no need to continue looking at this! For those who want more details, it can be found here. Since I already have thanked the hoaxer (I did after all ask for “anything”!), I will now forget about him.
I continue to hope that some trace of this very elusive code can be obtained and will keep the email address for several year, but will wait for my disappointment to recede before trying again to contact people.

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