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So a month has passed since the first trailer was released. When can we expect to see the second trailer? Later this year or next year?

The first one is already playing in cinemas.
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16th November with Justice League seems to be a perfect date. Then I'd say a third trailer in Jan with a final launch trailer in March.
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Im sure until January we have not a second trailer.

All the films released in March have had: first trailer in October, second trailer in January and final trailer 1 or 2 weeks before the premiere.

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Tomb Raider's first trailer was released in September. If all the films that are releasing in March 2018 had their first trailers in October, this does not prove they will all have their second trailers in January or that TR will have its second trailer in January. There's just as much chance there will be a second one before January, imo.
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Originally Posted by Aylin View Post
That tumblr blog is run by a bat**** crazy Fassbender's stan. She's truly unhinged. And yes,Weinstein has nothing to do with her career. The irony is that TulipFever was dumped and came out in limited release this summer after three years.
I agree, but it's still entertaining though and I get all the latest Alicia news in one place . You just have to filter the negative from the rest .
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