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Originally Posted by jackraider View Post
I think it's a lot with the how the environments are built. Lara doesn't transverse on triangular surfaces all that much like in TRIII and IV. Thus, levels are easier to maneuver around in. Also, the levels, like you said are very simplistic and linear. In fact, the levels in Chronicles are more in tune with the original TR in terms of fundamentals. However, unlike the original, Chronicles lacks prestigious level design and remarkable vistas. The only section that actually comes close to this is the Ireland portion, and even when compared to TR1's levels—are still much smaller in scale.
Yet in Ireland you have quite a lot of maneuvering over triangles and all those control shortcomings can be felt immediately...

I for one also loved the small touches like different sounds for Lara and her pistols.
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Yeah, Ireland section did suffer from awkward environment geometry, which did cause some control issues. However, this section is indeed the most attractive to gaze at in Chronicles.

My biggest gripe with Chronicles is that the levels felt very tight. When the level would open up a bit there was never really a big scale set piece to showcase like the original. TR2-3 and even TLR achieves this much better. Also, Chronicles is a very simple and short game with Black Isle and VCI levels being the most complex and challenging. The bugs in Red Alert is the biggest fallback in Chronicles.
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