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Originally Posted by Patrick star View Post
That concept is being used in every TR game except TR2 , it's definitely not exclusive to CD's new TR games , and I prefer that concept anyway ,
The concept of rivalry , competition and face-to-face conflicts between the protagonist and the antagonist , yes it's cliched , yes it's overused , but it's by far more interesting and adds a lot more excitement and thrill to the experience than a story in which there's supposed to be a villain , but one that has literally no character , personality , motivation or background at all , in short : almost no presence .

One could argue that the classics were never about stories or good characters , but here I'm merely comparing TR2 to TR1 in terms of villains , and in this regard , TR2 was a big step backwards .
Oh I didn't mean to say the "unstoppable force threatening the antagonist" was absent from any classic TRs. The rivalry between Lara and Von Croy in TR4 is summarized by that statement quite well.

Speaking of TR4, I would agree that face-to-face conflicts/competition can be very interesting and add excitement to the story, much like the dynamic between Lara and Von Croy. Where I disagree, however, is that TR2 is hyped as having a big bad villain but fails to deliver. I would argue that right from the get-go, TR2 is about Lara going on an adventure. But really, it's about you as the player going on an adventure through Lara. It's not a cinematic experience in which you watch two rivalries duke it out, it's quite strictly about going on an adventure. Which I really love. Bartoli serves as a figure to represent the opposition you fight, but taking him down is not really the focus. I think that's where we view things differently: I don't really see Bartoli as the villain, an adversary yes, but not a villain. Like I said before, for me it's a game about adventure and less of that "cinematic experience" where you take down a villain as a main goal.

Comparing Natla to Bartoli on the villain scale, oh yeah, Natla certainly wins by a long shot. But in my opinion, he's not strictly a villain in the same sense. In terms of quality, I don't feel that the lack of a big bad villain was detrimental to TR2. It just made it different.
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Default @Kapu

I think you nailed it on the head. Bartoli isn't a villain. Adversary, yes. Maybe even rival... the two just have much different approaches to getting to their goal. If anything, Bartoli probably views Lara as a villain for getting in his way so much
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It's father Patrick Dunstan back in his mafia days before he became a priest.
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