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Question "Morte et Dabo" Music

So in perhaps one of the oddest relations between other parts of my life and Tomb Raider (there seems to be many!), I was watching reruns of the show Courage The Cowardly Dog today, and I heard a very familiar sound. The video below is pitched, but you should still recognize it playing from the very beginning.


Those choral voices are none other than the same ones apparently sampled by Troels Folmann for his TRA soundtrack.

(Start at 0:16)

I had originally thought the entire TRA soundtrack was original, but clearly this theme was sampled, as the Courage episode came out 5 years earlier than this game. As I searched around for the original song, I came across this - a song by Asking Alexandria that samples the theme as well:


Now, this is all very interesting. My only problem is, NOBODY seems to know what the original piece is! I would love to find it - it's very beautiful, but the musical roots of Tomb Raider are very interesting and I'd love to know where this composition comes from and if it is perhaps extended beyond this.

Has anybody heard this sample or can make the connections? Where is the original piece? Shazam doesn't work as there are no lyrics for the app to pick up. It's becoming very frustrating If anybody has any clue into who composed this piece, do tell!
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Jorje Croft
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its normal when that kind of music is used in many movies,games and ...
remember Mozart's Lacrimosa in underworld? I don't see anything wrong with that.
p.s. its some kind of requiem cz lyrics are classical. but I can't recognize it,I'm musician.

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Shadowman and Dark Souls2 have this piece too
I hope in some good news about TRNG!
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If it is originally from a medieval text, from what I gather,
then it's very much in the public domain for anyone to use, so I see no problem with it.

EDIT: Just realized LGG bumped a thread over a year old.
College Grad studying Film Score and Screenplay. TR Fanatic.

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Originally Posted by Zreen001 View Post
EDIT: Just realized LGG bumped a thread over a year old.
Lol it's ok, I've been guilty of that myself
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I WAS JUST ABOUT TO MAKE A THREAD ON THIS. I recognise the vocals from the St. Francis Folly as it's also used in Most Haunted (this track), in fact, the exact same vocal tracks are used.

Where in the bloody hell do these originate from, what sample library?
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Talking of strange coincidences, I used to watch Most Haunted when younger, and this (!!!) song has a violin/strings sample which is also used in the first TR film when Lara is having a nightmare before discovering the clock!! A double coincidence.

EDIT: And I know I've seen this in another film too, this strings sample... Pandorum??

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They are all from a sample library that I wanna know the name to.
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