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Default Am I alone in loving this game?

Reading posts here, I feel like I am alone or one of very few who actually loved anniversary. I love how the game is graphically designed and the tombs look like real locations in the game. I can see the inspiration in this game to try and make it modern and realistic. I don't think the colors of the game are bland, it just looks like what it would actually look like if someone were to go and venture into those Tombs. The game didn't feel boring to me, it feels massive and almost open world like with how the levels smoothly transition into one another and loop back together. Are there any people here who actually like TRA?

I know there is another thread where some are sharing there negative experiences and opinions of the game, but I just wanted to know if anyone here like me held a positive opinion of this game and actually enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the classics.
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You're not alone . I loved it. A few flaws, admittedly, but I had a lot of fun playing it.
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Never, ever alone
I adore Anniversary, it's surely a gem
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Nigel Cassidy
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I like it. I'm not loving it, but I like it well enough. I think it does the best in the puzzle department. I believe a game with Anniversary's puzzles, TR9's combat, and Legends Lara would be the perfect combination.

Also I would love it if every game had creators commentary.
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Sir Launcelot
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I like TRA. It's the meatiest of the LAU series, though I found parts of it to be frustrating.
Fancy dropping down for a chat, then?
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I find it a normal game, but a bad TR remake. Gameplay wise, you spend more time ledge-hoping on the walls than running and jumping. Some areas are glitchy and have some problems with Lara grabing certain things (like the poles on Tomb of Tihocan). Platforming was too easy and automatic. A lot of levels were butchered. And changing Atlantis design is a very bad choice.

I tried to replay it but it was just too boring to play it for a second time. But I must say it is the best in LAU.

This would be my marks:

TR1: 9,6
TR2: 10
TR3: 9
TR4: 9,8
TR5: 8
TRAoD: 8,5
TRL: 5,5
TRA: 6,5
TRU: 6
TR2013: 1
RotTR: 1,5
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I like it as it is, but as a tribute remake it's horrendous.
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Nope, you are not alone. I felt it was (and still is) a good tribute to the original. Granted it has some problems (cough Atlantis and Palace Midas cough) but I enjoyed it very much. I also agree with everyone who says it was the best of LAU.

What I didn't like was the in-game commentary in Anniversary (since it was mentioned above). It was very disrespectful to the original and its fans at times.

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Originally Posted by Shark_Blade View Post
I like it as it is, but as a tribute remake it's horrendous.

IMO feel it was the best Crystal game they made - but as a tribute to TR1 - it was hit and miss.. (mostly misses)

St Francis Folly was about the only level that excelled the original.. whereas Cistern and Tomb of Tihican were combined and cut down considerably.

I mainly liked it because it brought back puzzles and the use of the inventory and keys (something Legend and Reboot/Rise did not)
Underworld kinda had the key items too, which was nice I guess.. classic.
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Blandness aside it feels very hollow to me, like the game world is dead, but I must admit St. Francis Folly is a great level.
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