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It's my favourite from the LAU era, probably because it had the most in common with the older games (naturally). I remember feeling really excited when I saw they were re-making TR1 with Legends' streamlined gameplay. It did invoke nostalgic feelings when I played it, seeing so many areas from TR1 re-created in beautiful visuals (which still look pretty good even by today's standards actually). I still go back and play it sometimes.

TR1 (and most of the CORE games) win over Anniversary for me though, mostly because TRA was just too easy and lacked all the complex interactive puzzles that the CORE games have. Most of the puzzles were just that bit too streamlined and easy to work out, no real challenge. I also felt the game lacked the tense eerie environment the original had, and they cut way too much out of some levels (Atlantis/Lost Island and the entire Peru level come to mind in particular), while replacing the cut bits with long boring corridors, whose only purpose was to get you to the next area.
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