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Originally Posted by Nigel Cassidy View Post
You control the guns manually like in TR9/10, which all of the sudden makes the rats and bats the hardest enemies..
Wait, it doesn't have auto-aim, like, at all?
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Originally Posted by sackboy123 View Post
The DS version of Underworld will always be the best version for me
I'm so glad someone finally said this.
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TRA on the Wii is the best version in my opinion.

Most puzzles that in the other versions where only 'Levers', now are minigames like 'Break the rock', clear the image... oh and I remember that ..(small spoiler)

at the end of Temple of Khamoon, you have to find the drawings on the side rooms and then draw them on the sand... that was very painful(yeah I find it hard to draw like that xP). It was even more painful when I was doing the timed run

Then there are more 'secrets'(yeah, secret 'images' to find on the walls)
Lot of areas have been darkened (so you can use the torch, new tool!)
The aim is 'manual'(For the torch it is a very cool thing... You can light in the direction you want... and for the weapons... it seems hard, but after some practice it is easy... you don't have to target the enemy with the wiimote, you just have to aim near the enemy, and the bullets, even if you aim at the ground or somewhere else, will hit the enemy).
So actually, it's manual aim but you don't have to perfectly aim at the enemy. Even if you aim near him(like 2 cms farther) the bullets will target him. I don't know if I've been clear.
Then how to not forget about the Trophy room in Croft Manor...

Anyway, like I've said, TRA for the Wii is much more funnier to play. Definitely buy it.
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It is the best version IMO.

The added areas and lighting effects are really good IMO - added puzzles are quirky.
Water effects I always love in Wii games.

Might not look as HD as Xbox and the controls can be a little iffy - but once ya get used to them.. they're good enough.

Lara's home gym also has a totally different style and has the pole balancing platforms added too - other versions do not have this in for some reason.
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I also thought the Wii version was the best, controls were very good, extra areas, mini games, nice spot in the manor to admire some of the things collected. Made us think a bit more, but we always asked for more puzzles and especially for TRA, it was nice to get them. The lighting especially added a lot of atmosphere, and added to making it seem we were actually exploring some dark tomb trying to uncover some secrets hidden in the dark.

Underworld was a bit of a disappointment when compared to the polished gem TRA was on the Wii. But two different teams made the games, and TRU was stuck with having to use a cut down version of the next gen engine, which badly effected the lighting. And the controls I thought were not as good as the TRA ones. But still it had more areas than the PS2 version and looked better, so if you have not played it yet on the Wii, getting both TRA and TRU for the Wii would be an idea. Both are worth playing.
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