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Default Would you have wanted the actual in-game models for the outfits?

Would you have wanted Crystal to get and use the original models for each outfit in the game?

For example, the Wetsuit outfit using the original TR2 Wetsuit model and the Classic outfit actually using the TR1 Lara outfit model.
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I would have liked more classic outfits than the ones we've got. TR7's outfit sin was that many of them were just recolours. With Anniversary, they had the chance to replicate all the classic outfits we've had (they weren't that many in my opinion, so they could have done it fairly easy), giving lots of variety. But they didn't take it.

But I wouldn't have liked them to be with the original in-game models. That would just look... awkward, considering the TR1 outfit was more like an easter egg. If all the outfits had been like that, it would have looked effortless.

Rise's case is different because we already have lots of outfits with Rise's model, so original models are nice there.
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I would have liked the actual ingame model for the "Classic" outfit rather than that insulting remake of it Crystal did. She looks hideous.

The other outfits, no. I liked seeing the classic outfits on anniversary Lara, I just wish they did more of them.
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I noticed that the "classic" model they used in TRA actually wasn't ripped straight from TR1, and it's quite obvious. They just re-made it to look authentically "PS1" era.

There are several parts of the model that are a slightly different shape to the original, I notice it on her hair the most. The face looks different too.

For other costumes though, no. I'd tend to always prefer they remade costumes on the contemporary Lara model, so it makes sense with the rest of the game's graphics. I actually really liked how Lara's default re-made classic costume looked in Anniversary, the model in general was amazing for the time and is still one of my favourites.

I'm also not normally a fan of "gimmick" costumes, which to me was almost every costume in Anniversary apart from the default, Legend and Camouflage. Catsuit, Wetsuit and Croft Manor Sport looked ok, but they were gimmick-y in the context that you wouldn't run around a tomb wearing those, and all the others were just weird.

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Well, although it would be an interesting idea..I really love Lara's model in Anniversary, so... no
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I'm a big fan of outfit remakes, so no. But I would've wanted the outfits that we got to be more authentical to the original classic outfits. The TR II wetsuit has no gloves (is Lara supposed to climb through a rusty sunken ship with her bare hands? ) and the trousers of the AoD outfit have the wrong colour: they're in the standard camo colour as opposed to AoD's washed out look. And the backpack also has the wrong colour. And the TR I gym outfit's textures doesn't fit well together colour-wise. It's like they just slapped together some of the outfit meshes from Legend and put some textures onto them that looked a bit like the original outfits and called it a day.
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