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Unhappy Stuggle for gun, keep getting shot . . HELP!!!!

PLEASE help. I am were the big guy has pulled me out of hiding, I have kicked him, bit him, and shot him. He is on top of me and we are struggling for the gun. I am moving the control L back and forth back and forth, (as indicated) but there is nothing to tell me which button to hit next. I keep getting shot. I have hit, pressed, moved, every button on the control, but I keep getting shot. Have tried everything over and over and over. Something like 40 plus tries. grrrrrrrrrrr. This is on PS 4. Is there any way to just move PAST this part? A cheat? I am ready to simply quit this game. HELP!

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This is Tomb Raider (2013), so I've moved this to the correct section as you'll likely get more help.

If this is the PS4 version, is it the X button for action? I think so. Try not to mash the button too vigorously. It's more of a heartbeat speed, if that makes sense.

Perhaps someone else will come along who can help.
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The square button should be the action button and the R1 or R2 button the shooting button. These are the two you need during this QTE.
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After you mash action to get the gun pointed at his face you need to press the shoot/fire button.
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