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Default Tomb Raider Revival - A Custom SweetFX Preset

Hey all, First Time poster here Been playing the Tomb Raider series ever since TR2 on the PS1, and as such, have always had an unwavering attraction to the series (not the polygon boobs, i assure you!).

Saying that, I thoroughly enjoy the 2013 Reboot of the series, and have yet to buy or even play Rise, so sticking with our 4-year old release holds me over just fine, considering i've yet to even touch Anniversary.

ANYWAY, I realised that my purchase of TR2013 on a new-ish PC held wonders of Ultra 1080p glory, and yet, didn't amount to much in terms of being visually stunning.

Saying that, I wanted to personally and configure a custom SFX preset (Again, first time for me) and let my visual creativeness run wild.

On that note, I present Tomb Raider Revival.

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Firstly, welcome to the forums!
Secondly, this is gorgeous! No longer, does she look like a ghost seriously, this looks incredible! Do you plan on releasing this, at all? I'd love to play the game with it looking this beautiful.
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Wow, this is so much better! Great work!
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It looks amazing ! We are waiting for release
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Much better - thats the main reason I don't like the reboot and rise - there is too much grey and it looks boring.
Syria was an exception with its gold and bright colour use in areas.

Compare that to a game like Horizon Zero Dawn - realistic yet full of colour .. makes you stop and go WOW, really appreciate the pretty graphics and stuff.
Just one of the many things the classic TRs and Uncharted do better IMO
Art design

So congrats - you've made TR Reboot look interesting and beautiful

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Any comparision screens? I don't see whats different

EDIT: Sorry, didn't know there were screenshots below the first one It looks great indeed!

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Omg this is stunning!!!
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cool I like the new color! I also play Tomb Raider 2 on ps first then TR1 on PC, good time, man, good time
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Nice job, especially for a first preset! The problem with TR2013 is Lara's skin color. Sometimes she looks almost green, sometimes way too pale, sometimes orange in a very unnatural way. lol So it's hard to play with colors or she will end up looking even worse.

I made a preset too, but it's nothing too fancy... Lara looks a bit more natural and everything is more vivid. But i ended up decreasing orange colors and increasing green/blue. I know, it destroys the "mood" of the game, but for a 2nd playthrough i really don't care, i just want to enjoy the scenery.

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It's good. Boosted the saturation and contrast I can see, but it is overdone. Like samsung galaxy s8 screen calibration overdone.
Again but, it is nice to have options. Many would like to test it
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