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Patrick star
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I love the main theme , All of Thailand's music and some small snippets of music here and there (like the music that plays when Lara says her final goodbye to her mother in the last cutscene , it was amazing) , but overall I don't think the soundtrack of this game is as magical as Legend's , Legend's music is just perfect , no wonder Troles Folmann won a Bafta for it

One problem of Underworlds music is that it can get really over-dramatic at times , some tracks (as beautiful as they are , individually) fit Troy or The Lord Of The Rings more than Tomb Raider .
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sierra xb
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I love all three soundtracks (Legend, Anni, and TRU), but to me, the TRU soundtrack is a blend of the other two...part musical (like Legend), and part ambiance (like Anniversary). I just wish the tracks were longer.
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I too love all the LAU soundtracks. My favourites from Underworld are:
  • Main Theme
  • Thor's God-Like Strength
  • Amanda's Ship Suite (i.e. last three Med. Sea tracks)
  • The Path to Avalon
  • Ruins (Thailand)
  • Puppet No Longer
  • Mexican Bike Ride
  • Out of Time
  • Previously Unreleased Suite, Pt. 1
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