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Smile SOTTR - Realism Illusions or Classic Supernatural


I am Loving the Classic Vibe in ROTTR and what really brought that Classic Feeling was the Supernatural Baba Yaga DLC like the Classics, sure i was Angry when Lara went Delusional with Pollens, but this is Tomb Raider and not some Realism Hollywood with some form of Chemicals whatever to explain the Scooby Doo effect. Should SOTTR try to make some excuse where Lara has some Pollen Free Injection serum, or should Square Enix bring on the Classic Supernatural Creatures like we know and love.

Poll Question:
Supernaturals or Illusions

Poll Suggestions:
01. I like Supernatural mixed with Illusions - Baba Yaga DLC
02. Supernatural Classics all the way
03. I dont care

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Classic supernatural.
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Actually, the way they introduced the supernatural elements in Baba Yaga was clever yet a bit rushed. And while I expect some real supernatural threats, I also whish some hallucinations to happen.
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Why is there a robot arm and a drill in the second pic?

I chose: 02. Supernatural Classics all the way.

TR2013 and RotTR did a pretty good job to implement the classic supernatural elements during the last stages of the games. But Crystal should do more crazy stuff than just throwing undead warriors onto us.
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Yea im getting tired of undead warriors and dead soldier corpses as an excuse.

Like the Baba Yaga DLC where Lara was hallucinating in thinking the Cottage was moving on chicken legs, we found out it was simply moved by cogs and pulleys. Thus the Robot Arm on the T-Rex and the Drill as a Tail is to indicate its being remote controlled by Trinity to scare Lara, hence Lara finds out its an Illusion and whips out her trusty Pollen Free Injection serum.
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Didn't have the patience to wait for my reply, I see . I feel the discussions in here will become very similar to those already being had Here. As such I'm not convinced we need another thread. However, I will discuss with the other mods before deciding what to do, if anything.

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I did made a Post in that Thread, but deleted it since this is a purely simple question of a Discussion whether to make the Next TR Game into Illusions with Future TR Games or have Supernaturals.
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Supernatural all the way and not just human-like enemies that essentially fight in the same way like illusions and zombies but proper monsters instead.
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Classic supernatural. I definitely wanna see some more stuff like Floating Islands .
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Classic Supernatural

Enough Said.
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