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If you want to use Tomb Editor with TRNG, then just install TRNG the usual way, then unpack tomb editor somewhere and run it. Then in settings you can specify where the project should look for all the necessary files. Personally I find it the best and most efficient way to utilise them.
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I'm sorta new to TRLE and TombEditor. I see some people talking about scripts. When I try to open the scripts that TE provides, I get gibberish. Would I just use the edited script from TRLE NG and move it to Tomb Editor? Would it work? I'm not scripting anything too complicated.

Another minor problem I'm having. When I apply a sound flip effect and restore normal audio. I apply a one shot to it. But it always plays the audio again. How would I avoid this problem. I've tried the other flip effect but nothing really worked.

I've released one level with TombEditor. I'm new so it wasn't very good haha.

Thanks guys.
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