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TR3 is a weird game. When I first heard it was going to be yet another game hopping on the Area 51 craze my reaction was....

However, I'd say Nevada is my favorite part of the game. The desert was beautiful, and there are some surprisingly cool puzzles in the other two stages.

The rest of it? India was ok but clearly unfinished. Just compare TR2 Stage 1 to TR3 Stage 1. I love a challenge, but screw build up and pacing, let's begin the game on a series of death traps.

South Pacific started out well, but then we get dinos....again. And then the kayak.....

London? Good atmosphere, but these levels make no sense. I liked the idea of the Masonic Temple, but after one level, it was all gone. And then the "plot" began.... And, too dark, way too dark.

Antarctica? Once I get here, I really just want the game to be over. So many little annoyances in this game, like hiding poisonous snakes around blind corners, the freezing cold water, so much fighting underwater... that incredibly odd final scene where Lara goes cold blooded killer...

I know this game was rushed, and Core was pissed off at the world. This games really shows it lol.

But yeah, Lost Artifact is simply amazing and totally redeems TR3's existence imo.
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Oh yes, The Lost Artifact has the exact same trait I live Tomb Raider 3 for - variety.

I agree that Jungle seems unfinished, I mean, just look at the rooms with Shiva/Tony... it's a plain box.

South Pacific is beautiful, almost forgot.
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@SuperDeadite - To be fair, Tomb Raider 2 kinda did the same thing with throwing death traps at you right from the first level. It took me years (keeping in mind, I first played TR2 as a kid and didn't know what I was doing) to finally get past that whole intricate sequence inside The Great Wall. That was torture.

I think the problem with TR3 though, especially on the console version, was that damn save system. In TR2's defense, you could save anywhere you wanted, which made things so much easier and less frustrating. If you died, you could just respawn 30 seconds earlier. In TR3 on PSX though? No such thing. You have those silly save crystals, which you can't spend every 2 minutes because the game only gives you a few per level. On your first playthrough where there are far more sudden death traps than there are save crystals, that means you're going to get punished and sent back 15 minutes every time one kills you... and maybe still you don't know how to react the second or third time until you get used to it. Annoying.

I don't mind the sudden death traps in themselves, I think they're fun and add a real fear factor to how vulnerable Lara is... but if it's going to punish you with a ****ty save system that sets you back half an hour every time one gets you (and they'll get you a lot), it gets old very fast.
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In the midst of a classics marathon, adamtombraider?

I love TR3! It's music is so unique and (what I think) perfectly encapsulates Lara Croft in song

The coloured lights are eye-popping to this day too One of the most beautiful and stylish games ever, imo

One thing I'm not ashamed to admit is my abuse of the all-weapons cheat these days I usually limit myself to found medipacks and ammo but life is too short to have limited save crystals and flares, especially on the Playstation version!

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TRIII have the perfect mix of adventure and scifi. Core Design were exquisite cookers.
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I ****ing love the London levels
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TRIII was the first TR game I ever played and just for this nostalgic reason will always have that special place in my heart.
Not being familiar with gaming at all at the time it took me absolutely ages to complete it.
However, I loved every minute of it (*takes off rose tinted glasses*: well, maybe with the exception of a few).
My favourite levels were Temple Ruins, Coastal Village and the whole of Nevada, but there is actually not one that I did dislike.
Thankfully I played it on PC and therefore did not have any save crystal trouble.
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TRIII was probably my favourite classic era game at it was also my first.
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Tomb Raider III is the best TR ever I love every level for a reason, it is just so beautiful
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I love TR3 too.

I would love it if they did a remake...........in today's graphics. With re-imagined, but just as complex, levels.

It would be a perfect game.
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