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Originally Posted by Isaac View Post
It will happens.
Given the massive positive reception of Chloe and Nadine's characters, I'm not worried. What I'm curious though is if they will do the predictable and continue with Chloe (which would be fun) or... if they will take Uncharted as an opportunity to explore new characters.
Or they could make Sam as main character. (with that, they could make a dlc for Nathan to make a comeback...even if just a cutscene.)
Or Nathan's daughter could be as a new character. (Like Von Croy and Lara in Angkor Wat)

I'm currently playing the third game, and I'm stuck in the Aram of the pillars.
Sully is dead, Marlowe got away (yet again) and some mutant (?) soldiers coming out of that elevator. My problem is this "battle". I can manage to kill a few of them, then I got killed by a grenade, or a rocket... I really don't know, It kills me from behind. Everytime.

Any tips?
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They could have Nate's daughter inadvertently kidnapped when there is a house invasion, and she hides in a chest (of artifacts) that is taken away by the thieves.

She could briefly be a playable character trying to escape a dark underground storage location. After some sleuthing and creeping about she manages to reach a place where she can briefly get a message out. She chooses to contact chloe who she thinks is likely to be closer than Nate. (or there could be a choice to make contact Chloe or Nate? which influences the rest of the adventure)

Nate's daughter is rescued earlier on in the game. But in doing so, Chloe uncovers a new artifact/adventure and a new hunt is on the way, leaving Nate and Cassie behind in an exotic hotel somewhere...

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I'm not really a fan of the whole Nate's daughter being in her own game. I just don't think it would work. I much prefer Chloe. But yes Cutter returning would be interesting!
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Yes, I'm not into a game around Drake's daughter either. (Although having said that, ND do tend to pull off whatever they do so perhaps I should reserve judgement)

Plus isn't that meant to be 20 years in the future? Isn't UC4 current with our time - 2017-ish - which would make a game about Drake's daughter have to be set 2037-ish....
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Nigel Cassidy
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Chloe and Cutter would be my new dream team.
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Originally Posted by Zsott View Post
Or they could make Sam as main character.
They won't.

"There were many ideas on the table, like a Sam and Sullivan story, but they were all very closely related to U4, so we wanted something that started fresh".
Making-of of U:Lost Legacy

Sam is Nate's brother. By making him the main playable character, it forces a certain proximity with old characters. They want to get as far as possible from Nathan to avoid messing around with his character more. "Why make him a guest in a future game if it's not to make him playable?!" basically.

Which is why Chloe was a perfect choice. She's as strong and polyvalent as Nate (which doesn't impact the gameplay) and while she has a history with Nate, she's not directly connected to him. She's a thief, she has her own business to handle.

As for Cassie, that could seem like an obvious choice but... I don't see it happening. The reason why Nate became involved in treasure hunting was partly due to the fact he was an orphan, so nobody to take care of him basically. He had a big amount of freedom to start adventuring and seek the treasure of Sir Francis Drake.

I don't see a girl beloved by her two parents turning into a mass-murderer treasure hunter with guns and grenades. Maybe a thirst for treasure hunting, but I really don't see her getting involved in things as big as Nate or Chloe. There is no reason (yet) for Elena and Nate to let her daughter go rogue with adventures and I don't think the players want another "survival story" where Cassie kills her first man and become "a tomb raider" (lol) to justify everything.
Cassie would be closer to a peaceful archeologist with a will of discovery (like pointed out in the epilogue) than a thief, unless things go bad in her family but then again it would force the devs to involve Nate again.

Which brings us back to Chloe being already "trained" and skilled with no attachment to the Drake family. Plus, Cutter has yet to reappear, just like Chase. I really believe Chloe is now the main protagonist. Why bother going through all the marketing and the construction of a stand-alone DLC just for her if it's not to use her character again?

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Man the news that Bruce Straley is leaving NaughtyDog breaks my heart, it feels like an end to an era of greatness. I wonder how much this will affect the games to come in terms of gameplay because I remember he really emphasized making sure the games feeling that was developing on the screen was being connected to how it feels playing with a controller. *sad tear*
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I don't even know how the hell i managed this!
The amount of times I just got lucky with a grenade.

Normally I'm not a fantastic player - so I'm super happy with this match. Not that I'll ever be able to do it again haha

This has been the only good match though. All others have sucked big time - like everyone dying 10 times or more.
Noobs are out in force today. I rarely see any top players (like you used to, at the top of the boards)

I am on a roll today.. maybe the opposing team was just bad lol
If I was VS more advanced players things might have been different.

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Was anyone else disappointed that we didn't get to play as Nadine in TLL?

The brief split after the Sam revelation would've been a perfect time to switch the perspective and get some more time with Nadine.
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