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1. Tomb Raider AoD Main Theme
2. Tomb Raider IV Main Theme
3. Tomb Raider 1 Main Theme
4. Tomb Raider II "Venice Violins"
5. Tomb Raider II "Skidoo Pursuit"
6. Tomb Raider IV "Egyptian Mood 2"
7. Tomb Raider II "Vertigo"
8. Tomb Raider III "Nevada"
9. Tomb Raider Underworld "Thor's God-like Strength"
10. Tomb Raider IV "Puzzle"
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The Croft Manor theme in Legend is also amazing.
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Originally Posted by WWETombRaider View Post
The Croft Manor theme in Legend is also amazing.
Yes! It's so zen and calming

I like the Croft Manor theme from Anniversary too, but the Legend one is better haha
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Originally Posted by Yeauxleaux View Post
Yes! It's so zen and calming

I like the Croft Manor theme from Anniversary too, but the Legend one is better haha
Yes! I have it on repeat when I'm studying. Especially Croft Manor 1b @ 12:53.

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I enjoy pretty much every OST from the series but these take the cake:

TR1 "Main Theme": Just like everybody else, it makes me nostalgic and I feel happy and cheerful while listening to it.

TR2 "Skidoo": Just Epic

TR3 "No Waiting Around": The Ultimate Tomb Raider song! Area 51 memories It is a theme that fits Lara and her adventures so much that I could write an essay about it.

TR4 "The Boss 1": I don't think much can be added about this masterpiece

TR4 "Mystery 3 & 4": An all time favorite of mine. Still gives me chills.

TRAOD "Reading the Ghost": An updated and even more sinister version of Mystery 3 & 4 from The Last Revelation

TRAOD "Boaz Returns": A very Intense final battle theme in the vein of TR4's The Boss 1. The song speaks for itself, you can even tell the end is near.

Tomb Raider Legend "Bolivia 4a": Hearing is believing!

Tomb Raider Anniversary "Raptor Theme": A remade version of T-Rex theme from TR1, manages to stay true to the thrill of the original piece yet
even improves on it in some ways.

Tomb Raider Underworld "Out of Time": As the world burns in the final battle of Ragnarok, the midgard serpent raised up ready to vomit it's deadly poison into the air, this theme just plays in the background altering it's notes depending on what you do. It is such an amazing masterpiece and nothing else since has ever come close. This theme along with TR4's Boss theme are the ultimate Tomb Raider boss themes in my opinion.

Tomb Raider Reboot "a Survivor is Born": The theme perfectly summarizes the events of the game.

Rise of the Tomb Raider "Rise of the Tomb Raider": My favorite theme from the reboot games so far, I can even hear a bit of the classic theme in there. I however suspect Shadow will be superior.
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Nigel Cassidy
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- The TR Anniversary Croft Manor Theme is in my playlist of my smartphone, so lovely and zen, especially the garden variation with the harp tune.

- The TR Legend Peru Bike Ride seems like a perfect musical representation of a motorcycle ride: the main tune is the running engine, the 'krrrrr!' sound the brakes and the singing voice the landscape passing by. Well, that's how I interpret it.

- Amanda's ship from TR Underworld: and energetic and exciting tune.
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My favorite Tomb Raider song is the Temple of Osiris theme.
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My Top 10
No particular order.

- Tomb Raider 1 Theme
- Tomb Raider 2 Theme
- Venice Violins
- Tomb Raider 3 Theme
- No Waiting Around Part 1 from TR3
- Tomb Raider 4 Theme
- Tomb Raider 4 Boss Theme. Plays in Temple of Horus
- Angel of Darkness Theme
- Le Serpent Rouge rave music
- Tomb Raider Legend Nepal theme
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Not a top 10, but my top 5 faves, ranked
1. TR1- Colosseum/Palace Midas theme
This song is one of my fondest childhood memories; running around in that not-so-round arena, Imagining what was it like in the past, theorizing about why there are lions and gorillas there, and fantasizing about the fights that used to be held in that arena millennia ago. I was so in awe the first time I ever stepped in that giant Colosseum. Ah... I wish I could erase my memory of the first TR and play it again anew.
2. TR1 Main theme. Iconic, what else to say?
3. TR Legend Nepal 2
There's just something so peaceful and tragic in this song. When I listened to this song, I feel like I am hearing a song where someone resigns over their inevitable tragic fate, much like Amelia.
4. TRAOD Main Theme
Atmospheric, elegant, and noir-like. I like it, a lot especially the slower second part. Shame that the game is rushed though : (
5. TReboot Main Theme
The most recognizable piece of music from the TReboot is actually the main theme since most of the other things are really atonal and 'too organic' for it to stand out.
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