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Originally Posted by charmedangelin View Post
I already said it doesn't create thoughts, but it does blunt the filter to those thoughts. And if people are going to judge her based on thoughts then they better look in a mirror because everyone has thoughts to themselves that they wouldn't dare utter to someone else.

And I doubt she would have said it, in fact you can't really know that since she was under the influence.
Going off her track record of what she says while (apparently) not loopy on meds, I can make a pretty good guess. She only cared about what she said because it got her show cancelled and her fired. If it went relatively unnoticed, there wouldn't have been crying and apologizing.
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By the way the other day the faces of the Huddersfield grooming gang (the gang Tommy Robinson was arrested for reporting on) was released and unless it wasn't before I think it's pretty evident what the point he was trying to make was.

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Originally Posted by Quebsenuef View Post
I hope it does well. I’m a huge fan (I would fight someone for the title) and John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf are phenomenal actors. The three kids from the show all grown up are great as well but for me the two shining stars left are Dan and Jackie. I don’t have cable or satellite so I can’t watch the show... damn millennials and their Netflix obsessions .. but I wish them the best. I loved what I saw in the Roseanne revival and I’m sure its just as good without her.

I find it funny that there’s so many people boycotting the show. I hope it has steady ratings. I really want them to have that. I care so much for that cast like they’re my own family. I grew up with them. #feelings
Well the conners performed better than 2 episodes from the last roseanne season and was only a little down from the finale last season. Shows gonna do just fine, personally even without roseanne I enjoyed it.
Also about the forum topic, no I don't think she's a racist, she's always said outlandish things.

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