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Originally Posted by robm_2007 View Post
It sold more in 8 days than RDR1 did in 8 years!
Yeah, it's pretty crazy. Clearly they built on the foundation they already had and it payed off. RDD1 was also very successful so it's really a great success for Rockstar. Let's hope for a Red Dead 3 in the future.

I just need a RDD1 remaster now. If they could just update the first one to the second one's graphics! Probably impossible, but omg!
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Mad Tony
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Been playing this loads since it came out and I still haven't finished the story (currently on chapter 6), still have a few side-quests to do and haven't done almost any of the challenges.

If it doesn't win GOTY there's something fishy going on.
No regrets, Mr Freeman.
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