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Originally Posted by Woops View Post
There's a bug in the second level where if you dont save and reload the game crashes.
Guess the devs couldnt test the whole level without dying and realoding *facepalm*
I couldn't get past the vent part, I decided to download another save in the end. Very disappointed with this, it worked before, but now no matter what I do the vent doors will not open.


Boy am I stupid, I forgot you had to jump at the doors in order for them to open.

Still, very buggy level set.
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Originally Posted by Boobandie View Post
Honestly Chronicles should have been made by the San Francisco studio that made the gold games while the Core members worked on AOD.
That is very true actually, I never thought about that.

Even with how buggy VCI is it still sucks tbh. The bugs only add to the frustration of the section and just make it an overall mess.
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