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Barb Lou
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Question New Game?

Hi, please can you tell me how to get a new game going. I returned after quite a while and started it up, but all the skulls, rewards etc have been won. I can't see any New Game button to click on. I want the fun of starting again with a clean slate.
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What console are you playing on? On PC, you could move your file from the save folder and start a new game that way. On PS3 or Xbox 360, you could either delete your file or use another system account. Unfortunately there isn't actually a build-in "new game" option in this game, so those are your only options.
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Barb Lou
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Default NewGame?

Thanks for replying to me. I'm playing on pc. I wonder why they have no New Game button. It's a good game otherwise, but no point in visiting again if no excitement is to be had! I'll try your solution. Barb Lou.
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It's possible, but requires some work.

In your Steam directory: delete the file 35150 (in userdata/your user name). BEFORE YOU DELETE, check if the file inside reads autosave.lcgolsave

Restart the game and see if it works. If yes, have fun. If no, read further!

In case the above didn't work, you probably have Steam Cloud saves on.
De-activate this by right clicking on the game, click properties, go to the updates tab and there should be a box to uncheck the steam cloud! Then delete the autosave.lcgolsave again and it should work.

Good luck
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