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Default Baddy with unlimited ammo

Hello there,
I played TR4 and I noticed that in the levels "Valley Of The Kings" and KV5" some of the baddies alwais shoot at Lara, while in the other levels they shoot and then the they take their swords..
Does someone know why ?
How can I have a baddy with unlimited ammo in TRLE using TR4 way?
I hope in some good news about TRNG!
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I don't this works in this way. Maybe the distance between Lara and these guys matters to decide shoot or CQB. Or maybe it depends on if you're shooting in return.

I replayed TR4 last year, and cannot remember guys who are shooting only. I remember when tried shooting in return they grabbed their swords and beated off my bullets.

P.S.: I googled this and found that there're 2 types of these enemies - http://tombraider.wikia.com/wiki/Desert_Warrior - I beleive they have a bit different behavior.
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The A.I is......If Lara is up close the baddy will draw his sword, but if further away he will use his guns, and just keep shooting when he wants to, (if in range).

If Lara tries to shoot the baddie, he will deflect the bullets with a spinning action of the sword.

TIP...For an easy kill, just get in range where the baddie draws his sword, shoot at the baddie and he will spin the sword, put laras guns away and pull them back out instantly and the baddie will stop spinning the sword, and Lara can start shooting him again to reduce baddies energy.

He will then start spinning the sword again for protection, then Lara puts guns away and pulls then out again, and just keep repeat this method, till the baddie is dead
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It's actually an OCB (at least in TRLE), if you put 10 on that field they shoot forever, if 0 just sometimes
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You have to use codebit number 10.

This is considered as a flag, so add this number to your current OCB.
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