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Default 15 years of AOD ( 17th June 2003- 17th June 2018)

Can’t believe the game is released that long ago. 15 years young. Still vaguely remember the controversy around this and Core Designs unfortunate demise afterwards. A sad day to remember

Oh and to those who dont think this is the release date of AOD, Survivor Reborn confirms it on their FB Page

Happy 15 years you gem.
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15 years... that's honestly a bit frightening. Anyway, happy birthday to a game that wasn't perfect, but definitely a bit misunderstood.

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Ahh, happy 15th birthday to my favorite video game ever
“In the darkest recess of every human soul slumbers the shadow of evil.”
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Happy 15th AOD fans
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Happy Birthday to one of the most unlucky games that had so much potential to be exploited, still a wonderful experience and the last Tomb Raider Core Design brought us. That alone is enough to be worth remembering after 15 years.

Cheers AOD “Never forgotten”.
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The proper date is 20th June. My website was created in 2002, I've checked in old news
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Originally Posted by Cezar View Post
The proper date is 20th June. My website was created in 2002, I've checked in old news
Speaking of which...

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Good god, where does the time go? Happy Anniversary, Angel of Darkness!

I must have been 11 or 12 when I first played the game, but the first time I actually completed it wasn't until I was 20. I've replayed it through three more times since, and I'm proud to declare that I am a bona fide Angel of Darnkess f a n a t i c. To all the fans who have relentlessly loved this flawed but enigmatic slice of TR wonder, I'm sorry I ever doubted you and please let me join your ranks.
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Love you, TRAoD. A timeless classic.
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Listening to the podcast now....

Oh man... If only EM were brave enough and were allowed to really take the whole story of Murti and make a real proper trilogy of it. AOD truly deserves a remake AND continuation
AOD HD Graphics Patch Chapter 0A, 0B and 1 available for download now!
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