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Deathly Karma
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Default Tomb Raider 1-5 on Surface Pro

I've just downloaded Tomb Raider 3 on my new Surface Pro and it only shows a quarter of the screen. How can I fix this problem as no resolution change works and software mode doesn't work either?
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You mean like, it's full screen and only a quarter is the game and the rest is black? I may have had this in the past By changing resolutions do mean in game or the settings? If you haven't already, try changing the resolution in the settings on the lowest possible, launch the game first then change the resolution in game.
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I figured it out (I've bough a surface pro too :P ).

The issue is the zoom affects some programs too, and TR is one of them.
Just go to screen config and change the scale to 100% (default is 200%).
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