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Default Can't switch between levels

Hello everyone. I am playing on the PS1 version and I am stuck at the sacred lake. I just got the sun disk from the previous level but I never picked up the sun goddess item (so now I can't make the sun talisman which is required for this level). Here's my problem: I can't switch between levels! It seems as though I am stuck in this little area and can t get out! Please help, I really was enjoying the game till this part
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It is difficult to know exactly where you are and how to get back to (I had to check this: level 7 Karnak) where the Sun Goddess statue is found. But what I'm certain is that all these level areas are interconnected and you can get back there wherever you are 'stuck'.

I've had a quick look at some guides and I'm pretty sure you need to go back via the Great Hyposytle Hall, where you came from to reach the Sacred Lake.

However I've done some searches here and found this old thread which suggest that it might not be possible to do that with the PS version. But I'd still not give up looking for a way back until you're certain every exit is actually blocked or unreachable.



I download a PC Sacred Lake save and had a look this.

Start the level and run down the corridor until you are facing the 'island'. The exit is a square hole leading to a crawl space in the corner of the area, to your right. I'm sure you must have found this but it is best to make sure.

If this is blocked then there does appear to be no alternative way out. You can corner bug to a few places high up but the whole place is separate and surrounded by black unreachable areas.

Only thing I can suggest is restarting the level and trying the sun stone on its own. You should get "No" or something like that and maybe that will trigger the crawl space to unblock. If not then the only thing I can suggest is try load an earlier level save and use the level skip cheat to get yourself back to the Great Hypostyle Hall 2nd visit. From there you should be able to collect the missing item and then proceed to the Sacred Lake.

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