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I still have never played either, and I am still upset about this lol
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After reading your review (which i find on point), i'd love to read about what exacty you despise from the LAU trilogy.
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Aside from the "Mummy in Avalon" story, which I can ignore by skipping all the cutscenes, I totally dislike the level design and gameplay. All levels are very linear and even the more sprawling ones constantly slap you in the face with signs that lead to the correct way like white ledges, horizontal bars that are packed with ornaments and rings you can attach the grapple on. The puzzles are a joke since there's always only one room per puzzle. And even if you've to collect a key or puzzle piece in another room, Crystal makes sure that you don't miss it. They overuse dolly shots to show you where to go, even if it's already pretty clear. And in Legend Zip and Alister constantly mention important looking things, so you can't miss them.

And don't get me started on the overuse of ledge climbing! There's nothing inherently challenging about it. Even if a ledge is about to break, you still have more than enough time to react.

And while TRU's DLCs still have some of these issues, Crystal did a pretty good job at addressing them and creating more challenging and interesting levels.
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