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Default Texturing tips and tricks - video tutorial

In this video I'm showing you the tips and tricks of texturing in the Level Editor. There are various shortcuts that are not mentioned in the manual, and certain bits are left unexplained. I hope the video helps, especially when it comes to texturing more complex geometry.

What I go through in detail:
  • segmenting the walls (Q - A for floor, W - S for ceiling, E - D floor [secondary], R - F [ceiling, secondary] keys)
  • selecting a portion of a texture (right click and drag)
  • texturing a triangulated surface by selecting the correct corner of a texture (using the tilde ~ key on English keyboards, which equals the 0 key on a Hungarian keyboard for example)
  • mirroring textures (Ctrl + left mouse button with Face Edit turned on)
  • selecting and moving the corner of a segmented wall (Ctrl + left mouse button with Face Edit turned off)
  • and I forgot to mention this in the tutorial, but if a square is divided into two triangles, press the Alt button and the whole texture will be applied correctly, instead of having to texture the triangles separately

If you want to read more about some of these methods, I highly recommend these tutorials for further information:
Texturing Basics by George Maciver
Textures - Crack Mode by EssGee and eTux
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