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This topic has really piqued my interest! I've always thought that the last name "Conway" was an addition from the Crystal trilogy. It's wild to think that "Conway" has been so ubiquitously accepted as Larson's last name, and yet there's no official source to be found. I have a copy of The Official Tomb Raider Files by Susie Hamilton and I just combed over it, but there's no mention of a last name for Larson there, either. Or Pierre for that matter, although his last name is spoken in TR1 so we know it exists.
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Thanks, Kapu! Pierre's name is spoken aloud in Anniversary, too, by Lara. (As a side note, the subtitles spell it Pierre Dupont, for the curious. Not du Pont, DuPont, or other variations! So there ya go. :P )

I think I might try contacting Meagan Marie or Toby Gard if TRC has no leads. Not sure if they'll respond since this issue is so petty, but they're really the last sources I can think of other than what I suggested earlier, to track down Jo or Dr. Cheese, which might be impossible.
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