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Originally Posted by ACAdesign View Post
Thanks a lot for the response. I think I'm getting it. What I did was set the ambience really bright and light bulbs as shadows.
So I should do the opposite right? Everything dark and lightbulbs as light sources.
Any more info on those three categories I circled?
Lara's light is the ambient color & intensity Lara (and movables) gets in this room when no any bulb light Reach Lara. It should be set as a dark color & intensity so lara looks dark when is in room shadow places. The easier way is to set this value as -1 which mean the color & intensities is tied to the "ambient light" room control.

"Default spot light" control should be set as -1 so you will place your desired light bulbs to afect lara and movables in the room. If you define any intensity & color for this control, then one automatic light bulb is placed into the room when the level is compiled (so its effect is noted in game not in the editor) so you setup quicky a nice Lara shade; it is best to combine this default spot light option with light bulb which have the "fake" property set.

I sugest to read the manual at page 112-118.
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Does anyone know how to turn volumetrics on? I tick it on on the setup screen but it reverts automatically to off. I am using ngle the latest one. But I'm using as editor dxtre3d to build. I just convert using the latest ngle tools and play using the ng tomb4.exe.
But as editor Im using dxtre3d. Yes I used the -3 effect on lightbulb and also 23 on the timer and 28 on effect for triggering. Doesn't work because volumetrics are off on the tomb4.exe. I realized it because in Cleopatra's palace there are no fog effects.

I'm thinking that it has to be the newest tr4.exe i downloaded from ngle. It has volumetrics off by default and I cannot change it.
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Nope. With TR4's executable (and consequently, TRLE one), there's a bug which makes the settings go back to default each time you launch the setup window. This has nothing to do with NGLE, and actually, Paolone even corrected this bug in his latest versions of TRNG.

Try to run it with Administrator Privileges (tick it in the compatibility tab of the exe's properties), and see if your changes are saved now.
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