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Alex Shepherd
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Default Some achievements are not working . Help

Hello guys, im trying to recieve some achievements in Tomb Raider 2 Android but it's totally not working..
Like killing all yetis in the yetis room without getting damaged, i just killed them like more than 10 times, is it in catacombs of the tailon where you unlock the room with mask?? but not recieving the achievement at all
Finding all treasures: did that found all treasures but not recieving the achievement
Beat all china under 30 minutes: I just beated all china levels under 30 minutes but not recieving the achievements
Kill the dragon and the gaurdian of the tailon i just did that but not recieving any
Kill the spiders without getting damaged/reach the end without killing any spider: did that like 20 times
There are so many bugs for the achievments I wish they'll fix it soon.
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Same for me on IOS !

It's really boring especially with the hard ones...
like in home sweet home:
-killing them all in the ball room with music (the music switch doesn't work)
-Killing them all in the maze (didn't work)
-locking yourself up in the treasure room (switch doesn't work.)

I love these trophies, the ideas are awesome ! But it's so frustrating they're not working !
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