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Alex Shepherd
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Talking She got it wrong in one of her tutorial.

Ok, once you reach the water pool in the opera back stage, she'll say use action to swim forward and the direction to steer, well. The voice actress just got confused between action and jump while in the water.
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Originally Posted by ELEN View Post
She says "To swim, jump into the water, use Action to swim forward and the directions to steer", but we all know that it's the Jump button in order to swim forward. This only for the PC version. I have also played the PS version and if I'm not wrong, Lara says it correctly.
The dialogue was also correct for the Dreamcast version.
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Probably not a problem with from the voice actress. By the way there's the same problem with the French version.
TRC was the TR I had played, so at first it confused me, she was not moving and I was like "Wait whaaaaaat? Why does she stay still?!", and... I remembered how it worked in Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, because I panicked the same way when I was playing this as a child. And fortunately it was also the same key.
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Well I never had this problem on the PS version.
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