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Batman: Return to Arkham Asylum on PS4
Cool beans, man.
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Mystic Messenger

This is a quirky little dating sim.

So MM is a mobile game where you participate in a charity group called the RFA. Throughout the game, which takes place over 12 real days, the virtual anime boys will text you, call you and you can participate in chatrooms with them. Eventually one of the boys will take a liking to you and you proceed through the plot of the game with that character, having them chat and call you throughout the week and a half the game lasts.

I only completed one route, but I had a lot of fun with it. Participating in the game almost becomes a habit as you remind yourself to text back to someone or participate in a chatroom. It's actually an experience unlike any other I've played.

It's free-to-play, so I'd recommend it to anybody. There's microtransactions, and if you miss a chatroom (they close after a few hours) you can buy them back, or pay to call any character in the game at any time. Otherwise you have to wait for them to call you. You can totally beat the game without paying, but I gave them $10 and have no regrets.

Totally recommend this one, and with no barrier of entry I think any dating sim fan should try it. It was in Tumblr's top 10 games of the year, so you know it has some degree of quality.
You will be missed Spong.
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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Tomb Raider Chronicles
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Just finished Mirror's Edge Catalyst. Kind of disappointed that they made a game that was sourly boring compared to the first. I feel like the "open world" aspect of the game really didn't help at all and for me made the environments feel stale and repeated. For a game that is about free running, I really wish the environments were built with that in mind making choices of where to go fluid and plenty. I was annoyed about how many times, I would go through missions going in the same path with little to no deviations. The game wasn't that open world at all. If anything it felt more enclosed than the first, ironically.

I was also annoyed with the fact that the game forced me at times to fight. I loved the inclusion of using attacks to swiftly move enemies out of the way to escape because those felt really good when they hit. However, having me stuck in an arena type fight didn't feel right for this type of game.

In terms of story, I didn't expect a good one and of course I didn't get a good one lol.
It was quite predictable and the dialogue delivery was terrible, especially for Faith.

The game's pacing was odd and the end came abruptly. I really wish at an end of the game like this, platforming would be essential and the run would be crazy outstanding, however I was just treated to pole climbing and magrope ascension.

All in all, the game didn't really use their mechanics to the best of what they could've been.

Oh and I wish they didn't include the magrope. I wanted to be able to get to every destination on foot, but this inhibited that.
They say passion fades, but there is a deeper love once the fire goes away.
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Darksiders Warmastered Edition on PS4.
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Silent Hill 4 The Room last year.

Never managed to complete the 3rd Otherworld dimension until recently, since 2006.
"Too many people died for me to trust you. Including a good friend, Von Croy."

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Originally Posted by SS Leigh View Post
Silent Hill 4 The Room last year.
I've been getting into the survival horror genre recently in terms of gaming, and Silent Hill - while not exactly survival horror - has caught my interest. Would you recommend the series (starting from the original on PS1) to somebody who loves a good scare and constantly anxious feeling over a game?
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BioShock the Collection

Replayed BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite and completed all the games and add-ons, including the Challenge Rooms for BioShock that were once a PS3 exclusive.

My head is swimming with things to write about.
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Nekopara Vol. 0
Rest in peace Iwata-san 1959 - 2015
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Resident Evil 5 just a few weeks ago

Prince of Persia Sands of Time, Just now xD

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