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Default To those who already got their game: your thoughts (so far)?

Lol I just got my game, no idea why it came so early hahaha!
Maybe other people got it as well, you can use this thread to share your thoughts/opinions. Please use white text for big (story-related) spoilers.

So first about the package and contents. I like the box, it looks really nice. Inside is the game disc (with cover), a little book with artwork, a map (which is rolled up, not folded) and the Lara figurine. The artbook is quite nice, it's small but the paper is of high quality (thick and shiny) and there is art of the characters, the enemies and the environments. The Lara doll is cute, but not poseable. It looks decent, well-made. The map is very small, I didn't even open it yet though. All things considered, I'm glad I got the Gold edition. First of all, I got a discount (coupons and stuff), hehe. The most important reason though, for me, is that you get the game on an actual disc instead of a code. Finally, all the things that are in the box are of good quality and make for nice collector's items (especially the doll and the book).

Moving on to the game. I only played for an hour or something, but so far it's been really FUN! It's very much like Guardian of Light (which is great), but actually it's even better. I love the setting, which is Egypt as you all know, and it's just amazing. The game looks flawless, seriously. Pieces of cloth and trees moving in the wind, falling dust/sand, beautiful lighting effects, crisp shadows, lots of things that can be blown to pieces (debris disappears shortly afterwards though)... it looks pretty damn epic. Much better than GoL, I understand now why this would not run on last-gen consoles. I think that you just have to play it yourself, to really be able to appreciate it. It's dark, too, in a lot of places. You have a torch that you can carry around but also to light these kind of fire pedestals or whatever you call them. xD Doing this obviously lights up the place, but it earns you rewards as well.

The music is lovely, very fitting for the game and all new (they used old music for GoL)! I think it's pretty much there, all the time, but it never gets annoying. I really like the music in this game. The main theme, while being kind of generic, is already stuck in my head. xD

The story is simple yet effective. I don't know a lot more about it yet apart from what they already told us during promo events, so I won't say much else about it right now. There is the evil guy, like in GoL, who appears now and then to mock you and to summon more baddies to kill you. It's just a different guy, this time. The 'comic' style cutscenes are back and what I've seen so far looks stunning. In-game cutscenes are the same as GoL. I suspect they didn't bother to animate the faces again, since whenever a character is speaking you don't see their face, which is totally fine by me. Keeley Hawes is back as Lara and she did a great job again. Carter hasn't said much so far, but what I heard so far was good. Isis sounds a bit robotic and some kind of effect was added to her voice. I think she was supposed to sound this way, considering she's not human, so it's fine. I don't think Horus said anything yet. The bad guy (Set) just sounds evil, like he should, nothing bad to say about it. It's all kind of cheesy, like GoL, which is perfect for these games and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Now on to the gameplay, the most important aspect (imo)! I only completed the first level (escaping from the pyramid) and now I'm at this shrine place, which is huge. It has one big area, which is like the central part where you place the things you are collecting (body parts of Osiris) and then there are a lot paths everywhere (you could easily get lost here) that lead to different tombs that have the challenges and puzzles and stuff inside, which are really easy so far (not talking about things like time challenges, which I haven't even attempted yet) but then again I just started playing and I'm playing alone. It's pretty much what you would expect, after playing GoL, but they added new things too. There are statues of Osiris that, once activated, briefly point in the right direction. This helps when you can't find the entrance to the next tomb you need to explore, but mostly they just look really neat. I mean, golden statues that come to life and point at wherever you need to go, while a blue beam of light comes out of their index finger. How cool is that? Those gems that you collect, the ones from GoL that have the 'secret' sound, they are back. But this time, they don't only unlock upgrades and weapons, but (also) allow you to open chests, which are everywhere. You sort of pay with the gems to open a given chest, not knowing what's inside. There are usually rings in there (so far I only got rings) and one of them had an artefact (I think that's what it was). You can use them to change the stats of your character. Pretty much like GoL. The red skulls and time challenges etc. are back too. Lara controls like GoL Lara, she's fast and responsive. Rolling is faster than running, I think. She is also magnetic, which can be annoying sometimes when you want to jump off something and she grabs the ledge on her way down (nothing new). I've been having some trouble with rope swinging as well, but maybe I just need to get used to this controller. The twin pistols are the default weapons for Lara and they definitely sound different. I think the fire rate is lower?? She also carries a staff (Osiris staff) this time, not a spear. So that has a big impact on the puzzles. The staff is used for various things, I won't spoil it. One button on the gamepad is reserved for the staff's special, puzzle-related abilities. It's really cool. You can use it to zap enemies too (by using the regular shoot button), which I think is actually more fun than using the pistols. But now I've got an automatic weapon, combined that with the scatter shot artefact and those scarabs ain't got a chance! The right shoulder button controls the grapple, which is back, the left one is for the torch. You need to hold the button to use the torch, not just press it once and then again to put it away. I like this. Uhm... so you pretty much run around, solving puzzles of various types (with timed switches, with balls, with timed bomb balls (new and hilarious), killing stuff (there are bosses), running away from big monsters while evading fire blasts from smaller ones and dodging traps at the same time... and figuring out how to reach a red skull or upgrade that's floating in mid-air. All very familiar, but with enough changes to make you feel like you're not playing the same game, but more of the same. Which is just what I wanted.

Things that I particularly like:
- The graphics and also the design of the environments, the game looks and sounds fantastic.
- The timed bomb balls. xD
- The torch.
- Scarabs. They creep me out and move so fast.
- There are traps.
- When Lara is behind a wall or something, you can still see her silhouette. This is super useful.

Some small annoyances:
- When you play alone, the other characters are present in the cutscenes but not during gameplay and you still hear their voices during gameplay and Lara talks back, as if they were there. I understand why it had to be like this, but it's a bit weird. xD
- Lara's ponytail is flopping around in the wind like crazy, but Isis's hair remains totally stiff.
- I got stuck between a wall and a column once, and she just died. Well, maybe that's actually a good thing... better than having to reload a checkpoint, lol.

I definitely recommend buying this game and I can't wait to play with others.

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Glad you like the game. I can't wait to play it myself. Enjoy!
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can't wait to get this gem
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which version did you get? PC X1 or PS4? Is it 60fps? I imagine it will be since DE hit 60fps on PS4 without issue. If not, they intentionally locked it for no clear reason.
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Great read, thank you!
I have one question, what outfits have you discovered in the game so far?
That don't impress me much...uh uh oOoh.
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I have one outfit so far.

Is some way to turn off this stupid red ring under Lara? In GoL it was possible, in the secend game I can't see this in options
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^ I really hope there's an option to turn it off in single player at least, I can't stand it

ps_ how does the framerate feel?
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iweantitsooo bad
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Originally Posted by larafan25 View Post
iweantitsooo bad
Me too. I'm still bummed out that some people get to play (and even beat) this game before the rest of us and way ahead of release - simply because they live in places that have 'relaxed' views on release dates...

By accident I read a couple of post in one of the other threads which spoiled part of the game for me so I'm being careful now not to read a word they say in order to avoid more of the game being spoilt to me.
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Originally Posted by Trenton View Post
Me too. I'm still bummed out that some people get to play (and even beat) this game before the rest of us and way ahead of release - simply because they live in places that have 'relaxed' views on release dates...
Lol, I suppose it's like payback from my end .

When TReeboot was about to come out, Australia for some reason released the game on March 1 instead of March 5, so I got to play the game and beat it before most other people .
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