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Nigel Cassidy
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Originally Posted by sandrine View Post
I hope we hear something new about a new LC game in the next E3 , like an LC game for the 20th Anni , I'd like that ! plus it's a good thing to have an LC game between each main pillar game .
It sure is.

I received intelligence that there is gonna be a game (I assume it's gonna be in the LC series) for the 20th anniversary, but according to what I have heard it is gonna be a smaller game than TR Anniversary. (bit of a bummer ) If it is the same game that I received the invitation for playtesting for I presume it's gonna be a mobile game...
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I'm gonna say GoL..
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Alex Fly
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Personally I enjoyed Temple of Osiris more but both were really good games.
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Lara's home
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GoL by far!
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Dennis's Mom
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I think I liked Guardian of Light better, although ToO had that great outdoor area. I really enjoyed them both.
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Most people say GoL, I guess they must be the hardcore Core fans.
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