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Default Square Enix Registers "Lara Croft - Relic Run" Trademark


From Crystal Dynamics:

Some of you super sleuths unearthed a recently registered domain with a familiar name - looks like the relic is out the bag! We'll have more news on Lara Croft: Relic Run, a nostalgic Lara Croft adventure coming to tablets and smartphones, soon.
Update + Screenshots:



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How original.
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Probably just another card game or sth .
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Originally Posted by DOPE View Post
Similar To Temple Run.
Just an assumption based on the title.
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Ugh. Most Temple Run knockoff games are awful since the developers don't make use of the gyroscope sensor of smartphones and rely on touch screen controls. But that totally destroys the fun of Temple Run. I hope that Imangi Studios will make the game, so it will be good. Since I started playing Temple Run, I wanted to have a Tomb Raider version, but it should at least be as good as the original.
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At this point I really don't care anymore, as Square-Enix have simply run Tomb Raider so far into the ground over the past year or so, that I've become completely disinterested in seemingly everything that they put out under the IP lately.

But in all seriousness though, this just sounds extremely desperate and scraping the very bottom of the barrel for ideas. And knowing how endless runners are distributed on iOS/Android devices currently, it will probably be overloaded with micro-transactions to boot as well
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I wonder if this one will make it out of testing and actually get a world wide release, unlike the last one.
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Endless runners are truly every bit as interesting now as they were in 2011.
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Lara Croft - Relic Run: Exclusive to Nokia 64.

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I hope we can play as Sam.

Just curious but what ever happened to Reflections? Did they end up taking it down?
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