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Guess I'm gonna clear some space on my iPad
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Enya Brennan
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Originally Posted by irishhips View Post
I got the Monument Valley feel from it too
I'd love the game if it had a similar style to MV
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It just annoys me that they keep making 'classic lara experiences' using TRU's version of classic Lara, TRA had their best take on the 90s version of the character but they still insist on the TRU one for every LC game...
Anyway, sounds amazing and I'm excited, considering I won't be able to play ROTTR, I have been more excited about the LC franchise than the regular TR :P
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^I agree with that. TRA Lara ftw.

Well this certainly looks like a far more appealing game than Relic Run. This game looks like it actually has some Tomb Raider gameplay!
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Looks like fun. Any word on a release date?
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Evan C.
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I love how minimalist it looks, reminds me to Monument Valley. I love it!!!
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Looks very simple but should be good. ROTTR, Relic Run and now this. Certainly getting TR brand out there.
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It looks really great ! Can't wait to play it !
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When was this announced?
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Originally Posted by trfanX34 View Post
When was this announced?
cash me ousside how bah dah
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