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Patrick star
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The comics don't exist for me , so ..

The cover is nice though , even if it reminds me of the cradle of life
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Originally Posted by BigR4444 View Post
Sounds great.... continue Laras storyline after the events of RotTR...

...Too bad the vast majority of TR fans wont have the opportunity to play the game beforehand...

It will already have been released on the only platform that matters, the gift from the heavens that is the Xbox.
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Originally Posted by tomblover View Post
I still haven't read all of the (uninspired, so far as I've read) first arc -- and the Ten Thousand Immortals novel was a right sleeping pill. Accordingly skeptical about this...
Honestly, don't bother with the first arc. Go right to the second. You just need to know that Lara finds a pocket watch that belonged to Alex. Nothing more.
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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
I posted the cover art in the TR comic thread:


May as well have it here as well.
Those Terracotta Warriors though. Safe to say it could bethe first Emperor of China's tomb since it hasn't been excavated or even found in reality.

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The continuity is always going to have problems. Because the games have to stand on their own in terms story and character progression.

The comics therefore have little opportunity for development and have the risk of being completely ignored in the games.

Rise for example picks off where TR2013 left the character. The fact Lara has already had a number of adventures since in the comics wont matter in the game.
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Wonder if they'll mention the queens imprisonment.
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Probably in a some journal entry.
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I can barely contain my excitement.
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I'm still waiting on Vol 3 to be released for the comics. Don't think I'll be reading these though.
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An interview with Mariko, where she goes in slightly more detail.
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