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Location: Cwmbran, Wales
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Metal Gear Solid 5. Started it, and it is a good game but then replayed Tomb Raider and Uncharted games and have yet to go back to it.
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Lost Odyssey.

It's a VERY fun game, but life happened, so I had to stop halfway through disc 2.
Haven't played it in months. Hoping to get back into it soon though.
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Relic Hunter
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Resident Evil 2 lmao so boring
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I was just about to complete end part of resident evil 5 Video game but I didn't because of my school examination,
and there is a lot of thing in that game which I want to complete eagerly
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Last game I played that I didn't beat it has been since late 2005 before i even joined this forum and it was syphon filter the omega strain since I couldn't get a T4 rank since I was unable to get online back then.
TR's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and the 4 expansions are the best
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Linoshi Croft
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Mafia 3. It crashes every 20 minutes, it ran perfectly fine before the developer patched it and broke it.
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Tomb Raider 2.. cause I was just getting to the end of the game and my boyfriend decided to reboot the laptop completely and I lost my save files Currently, I have no desire to play games other than the ones I usually play online.
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