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Jorje Croft
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I always though Egypt was the best place for TR. this is why I adore TR4 and Love TRA so much. One day I will visit to Egypt and dig out some mummy .
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Lara Croft 25
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Originally Posted by Jorje Croft View Post
I always though Egypt was the best place for TR. this is why I adore TR4 and Love TRA so much. One day I will visit to Egypt and dig out some mummy .
I hope Lara goes back to Egypt in the rebooted series! I loved Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation. It was the first TR I played that made me a TR fan!
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King Ultra
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Your not alone,Anniversary is awesome,the Centaurs in Greece were annoying and hard,but other than that its a great game,definetly one worth playing over,and over
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I had never seen somebody who had so much hate at TRL, it's a nice game. For me, there's no bad Tomb Raider game, I think every game is nice.
By the way, I love TRA, indeed I'm playing it on the PC. I like when Lara and Larson are talking in the Natla's Mines level, then Larson says That's just not who you are, then Lara thinks for a brief moment, then she replies I'm not who you think I am...I just love the way she says it, I don't know why lol

Originally Posted by red_lion View Post
I'm replaying the game. I it looks wonderfull as ever. The menu system is way better than Legend or Underworld.

I get the system of adreline dodge. I love it. It's easy (after playing the game 2 times out).

But.. what I absolutely hate is that she cannot jump to places that are in reach. In TR1 and TR2. You could explore and look for hidden places. Jump on rocks where you don't suppose to be there. That fun is now over.

Also what I hate is that you cannot carry much shotgun shells. So you cannot collect all the shells. And I like collecting.
Haha, I also like collecting things So when I can't grab more shotgun shells I just pull out the shotgun and fire once or twice, I reload and then I can grab them. Same with the other weapons.
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TRA is my favourite TR game and the second one I played, TRL being the first one. I love the beautiful locations - the lost valley, St. Francis Folly, the great pyramid only to name a few - they seemed so big, with lots of exploring and climbing. I also love Lara herself and the silence on her journeys where she is accompanied by brilliant soundtracks (they sound so magical, something I really miss since Underworld) .The adrenaline dodges are so cool . The color scheme of TRA really appeals to me, but of course, TR games from core also had really pretty colors (personally, I loved the color scheme in AOD). Then, there is the fact that there are not many humanoids in TRA and all your enemies are mostly animals. I find them much more dangerous than random mercenaries shooting at you and Lara takes like 20 bullets before she dies. Lastly, lets not forget about Croft Manor - I had lots of fun in this area in TRL aswell.

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I wish they would remaster all the games for next gen consoles and PC, especially Anniversary and Legend . The classics would be nicer, but that probably ain't gonna happen.
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I love this remake... really. I just think that Crystal should do all the classic outfits remade.
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No, this game is truly amazing, and it's the best LAU game IMO. It's one of my favorite TRs.
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Nigel Cassidy
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To me the best thing that came out of this game was the manor house. It's my second most favourite game level (second only to the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2) it looks beautiful, warm and cosy and the music creates an atmosphere of tranquility and zen Especially in the garden.
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Patrick star
Tomb Raider
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As much as I like the manor in Anniversary , I loved it more in Legend . Strange I know , considering the manor in Anni had a lot more puzzles , rooms , the hedge maze etc . but IDK , going through everything , navigating the big house , the maze and solving multiple puzzles just to find a music box and enter a room with some music instruments ? god , talk about anti-climatic let-downs Legend's manor missions felt more mysterious , tricky and Tomb-Raidery , exploring every inch of the manor gathering clues to the gold reward (which was very clever) and seeing it rising from within the main hall's floor after rotating the statue felt very satisfying with a great sense of accomplishment , a feeling I never had when finishing Anni's manor .
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