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Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
What if Square Enix were the ones who decided to scrap the Tomb Raider Ascension concept ?
I've thought for a long time that it was probably that way. Ever since I read that article that someone posted about Square Enix execs involvement in a potential Legacy of Kain reboot - where the development staff talk about how they (Square Enix) wanted everything dumbed down to the point of stupid (I think that is almost the exact quote...), I've wondered who it is who is deciding that everything in TR has to be impossible to get lost, get stuck, or anything wrong...

I think it's SE mostly. Not all, but mostly.
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I don't think very highly of them in some regards; the whole TR exclusivity deal and the way it was handled has left a really sour taste in my mouth. But then they have allowed TR room to breathe as a franchise again rather than pushing yearly releases like Eidos or pushing out half baked games like Sci-Eidos. So, 50-50 I guess. I just hope they have learned their lesson with the backlash and won't try anthing so stupid again.
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Square Enix on its own?
Puh, hard to say.

Its a big company with many different sections etc, so while one part might be bad, another group who works at SE is actually quite good.
Guess its like with every other company out there.

i would agree with jayjay119...50/50.

The company itself might not be the best, but they published very polished and good games...so there is that.
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Square Enix publishes a lot of my all time favorite games - I love them.
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Originally Posted by Blackmoor View Post
I think it's SE mostly. Not all, but mostly.
I think that too. For this and the exclusivity deals, I dislike them. The only good point : they give Crystal a good budget and time for creating games. It wasn't the case in the past (except for Angel of Darkness... in parts and Legend).
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