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Default What do you think about TR Chronicles?

As all the fans know, the Core Design tried to "kill" Lara in the end of TR4, because it was saturated from the unsustainable publisher's pression (Eidos).
They wanted to say: STOP. And, they were satisfied with TR4, because Lara was born as archeologist and as you know TR4 is totally full of tombs, myths ecc. For the Core Design, TR4 is the arrival point of their first project.
But they were forced to create other products and so they published TR Chronicles.

I liked very much Chronicles but it seems that many people ignored it, fans too. Why?

Surely it doesn't contain a sufficient number of "tombs", for being called "Tomb Raider" (too many modern levels: Rome, Siberia, Ireland, New York...) but I like some new interactions like looking for items in the armchairs.
My favourite level is the submarine and its rotten version, with the electricity that touches the water. It's not a "tomb" but I liked it anyway very much, maybe because it was difficult and because I personally like the industrial environment.
I think that levels like this weren't in the original plans of Core Design, but I liked them anyway.

The deficency of "tombs" could be the reason of a so low interest from the public, in your opinion?

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Honestly? I think it's one of the best of the classics #controversial
It's tied with TR2 for me personally as the best classic TR games
I love it and it's my most replayed classic
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I think this game and AOD were the only classic games I got the furthest in
I had a bit of mixed feelings about it recently, and then I started playing it again! I like it, even the spooky levels with young Lara
I love the Rome Levels, but it should've had more of a nighttime atmosphere
Fmvs are stunning too, incredible. Though I do have mixed feelings about the amount of Larson and Pierre Drama performances...
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Tomb Raider
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TR5 is still a Tomb Raider game even if it doesn't have Tombs, Tombs in a Tomb Raider game is basically anything as long as it holds an artefact then it classes as a "Tomb"
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Nigel Cassidy
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I don't play the Core games, I watch them being played on YouTube, so my opinion is not really representative... But that being said I adore this game.

I'll quote myself from this topic: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=214073

Originally Posted by Nigel Cassidy View Post
It's dark and sombre, but in a beautiful melancholic way. For the most parts the cinematics inside the manor house still have warm dark colours. Excellent dialogue: 'But I fear Von Croy, digging in the hopes of discovering her alive, may only be met with black reality.' 'The child has spirit, but what is that when this Island is littered with the bones of holy men?' 'The path she chose was the path she loved, and for this we should celebrate, not grieve.' 'Although I fear for Von Croy, pursuing his inner demons, driven half to madness in his quest for her final resting place, he will not find peace himself until this is complete.' Brilliantly written!

It's unusual to have a catholic priest for a hero. I find it so intriguing to think that Lara's first adventure was on a haunted Island and the primitive graphics very much enhance the feeling that we're delving into Lara's early past - this kind of feeling could never be conveyed with modern graphics...
My only criticism is that the pose of Lara's statue looks kinda cheesy to me; I would have preferred something more solemn.
It seems to me that, considering that there is very little traditional tomb raidery in this game, it shows that Core Design was kinda sick of the formula, and they experimented with different kinds of themes; horror and James Bonding through submarines and evil corporate headquarters. But if you're gonna deviate from the traditional formula to experiment with something else, then this is the way to do it: have several small sections of it in one game: perfect variation, without any alternative theme overstaying it's welcome.

From the Core D games I think TR 3 is the best, but this one I find the most fascinating.
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I like TR5. Though I can easily see how rushed and forced it was. I don't just mean Red Alert! level (for obvious reason - gamebreaking bugs), but also places like Colosseum. Some TR5 pickups, like the keys in Colosseum, have hardly any detail on them, and the exterior of the Colosseum is ugly as sin. Then there's also the fact that the levels are very straightforward and rather short, especially compared to Lastrev.

I do appreciate the game for what it is, though. Just think about all those new ideas. Aimed shot/headshot mechanics, chloroform, underwater suit, a whole section without using weapons, spooky catacombs, great stuff. And never forget the music, especially the unused tracks found on Peter Connelly's soundcloud. They really put a lot of thought into it, all things considered.

I just wish they had more time for it. It could have been so much more. I'd add at least 1 more level to every chapter, and also add 1 (preferably 2!) entirely new chapter. Also Croft Manor.
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^As above, basically.

It's the worst (imo) of the five PS1 Tomb Raiders, but it is still an excellent game. It's a fairly difficult game, too.

Originally Posted by Sardoc View Post
I just wish they had more time for it. It could have been so much more.
This also applies to AoD, on the PS2.

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Personally my #2 favorite classic TR game. Totally underrated if you ask me.

I love Chronicles
"I'm not a man John...and i'm always, very...very careful"
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Originally Posted by Zhyttya View Post
Personally my #2 favorite classic TR game. Totally underrated if you ask me.

I love Chronicles

Which of the classics is your #1, Zhyttya ??
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I kinda appreciate the effort put into Tomb Raider Chronicles mostly for the fact that Core had no say whatsoever on the matter, they didn't even plan to develop this title originally so I don't really blame them if it didn't turn out to be as inspired as the previous TR games.

Speaking of which, inspiration and passion are the two elements that I think this game severely lacks of, unfortunately, and what prevents me from enjoying this one like its predecessors, which where indeed a result of a labour of love and dedication, at least to a bigger extent than this one. This might seem trivial, but I think these kind of things reflects on the actual game. I'm unable to pinpoint exactly what's different, but it sure FEELS different to me.

Again, I absolutely don't hate it and I also enjoy replaying some of the levels from time to time (bar the VC industries. May they burn in hell), it's just that it simply isn't up to par with other games developed by Core IMO.
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