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Default Blood Ties Appreciations Thread

Y'know what. Imma do this.

Does this deserve a thread of its own? Of course not. Or maybe yes.

I've just finished playing Blood Ties (completed it on 100%) and wow. I think CD really did this. Like, honestly it's been the best thing about the reboot universe so far. The characters and the story felt incredibly interesting, the manor was beautiful, I felt more connected to Lara than ever and there were just so many Easter eggs that I got emotional. Honestly this DLC has had the best storytelling in the rebooted era. Also, DOUBLE PISTOLS

SO. The point is I really wanted to make this thread to thank CD because I feel like just writing a post in the general chat would be useless.
Thank you, CD. You guys really made me happy.

So if you guys feel as glad as I do that Blood Ties is a thing, feel free to join me in thanking CD.

Edit: also, I made a typo in the thread title.

Edit 2: I didn't know Nixxes also worked on this! Kudos to Nixxes too then!

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Same as ****. Yes. CD truly did #that with this DLC.

Easter eggs in a nostalgic setting, actual puzzles (even if Lara immediately gives the solution for most of them ) and a much-needed fleshing out of the whole "Richard is really thirsty for Amelia" thing. I'm obsessed.
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I just finished to play it too.... I am sill crying for happiness.. the story was so beautiful and really interesting! I got so attached to the Croft Family.. at one point it got creepy too and the ending felt like watching "The Da Vinci Code".. really unexpected!! And when I saw what Lara was doing at the very end in the Manor, I screamed for excitement !!!

The Manor is baaaaaack!!

Thank you so much Crystal!! :

Amela is so sweet btw...I loved her so much!
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Wish it was longer and had some platforming, but it was nice episode and it did not overstay its welcome.
I am going to come back to find the last relic

I am wondering whether that magazine in the vault was an oversight or a hint that someone else was there after Yamatai...
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I really enjoyed it. Lovely atmosphere, good puzzles, nice story and Camilla's acting was on point - no unnecessary screams, no "I can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!", no "almost theeeeeerrrree.

I'm particularly not a fan of the amount of documents, but I don't like documents and recorders in any game and I understand it was the best way to tell the story they wanted.
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Yeah I think this is definitely one of CD's finest in the series. There such a great sense of discovery, it was great searching for clues and trying to get the answers, the atmosphere was top-notch, the easter eggs, and the croft family was nicely fleshed out.

I applaud to CD for this, and the post-launch content as a whole really.

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Blood Ties really surprised me, it actually felt like an adventure, a mystery to be solved with great atmosphere.

I really loved that it made reboot Lara feel more grounded and human, while paying tribute in ways to Lara of old.
Almost got a little misty towards the end. I think it was a great and unexpected ending for Rise.
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A great addition to the series, I've heard people say you can find a dual pistol ether egg, where do you guys see it?
Does anybody really read these?!
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Originally Posted by Tonyrobinson View Post
A great addition to the series, I've heard people say you can find a dual pistol
If you return to the manor after completing the game, Roth's pistols will be sitting on the desk. Also stuff from Yamatai and Rise.
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As I've stated in the General thread, I really liked Blood Ties too! As a mostly classic fan, I really liked the change of atmosphere and all the backtracking. For once, I actually felt for reboot Lara and I enjoyed most of all hearing Amelia's musings. I really felt a connection to Amelia's artistic side as I'm an artist too.

I was really surprised by the end of BT too. I wasn't expecting it! I had thought it'd end after opening Richard's safe. I'm glad to be proven wrong.

And of course, all the throwbacks to previous Tomb Raiders was really great. I loved the jade dragon and golden Ankh amulet. Lara's obsession with ancient Egypt as a kid really resonated with me as I was pretty obsessed over it too, especially around the time TR4 came out.

So, needless to say this was a very welcome surprise, I didn't think I'd feel so connected to this Lara as I did during this little adventure. I'm still not completely sold on it, but it was nice nontheless. I'm eager to see what awaits us in future games. I hope they really go somewhere with this more classic-style adventuring.
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